my problem

  • Hi, I had a problem that angered me and I called all my friends to join the game and gave me the currency but in the end you did not give me my reward did you wrong me or what?
    Please answer me and thank you

  • reward for 10 friends. again call friend 11, 12,13... no reward. ıf you call 10 friends wait boss coins.

  • English Moderator

    Hi, if you invited your friends to join OSM and didn't get rewarded, it could be because of the following reasons;

    • You may have reached the Maximum of 10 rewards,
    • Users have to sign up on same version as inviter (world or NL)
    • Account hasn't been created on same session, this means that if I click on link, install app, then close it and later on I open App and create account, inviter won't get the reward
    • Invite managers to join leagues and they already have an account, that doesn't give them any rewards. Rewards are only for new sign ups