FIFA World Cup 2018 - Russia

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    @majstor-matt i think we all want to see Modric winning Golden Ball this year! 🙂

  • @markez17 I think he secured top 3. If he carries the Croatia into final I think he is then really really close, even If he loses to KDB in final. Would be epic for sure 🙂

    Fun fact. Last time 1 Croat was so close was that magical 1998 when Suker came 2nd to one and only Zizou 🙂

  • It's time. HISTORIC chances for Croatia and Belgium to qualify for their first ever World Cup final. Can they do it? Of course they can. COME ON!! 🙂

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  • @majstor-matt

    A great article on your man Modric -

    BBC has by far the best, most balanced and fair set of English speaking commentators and presenters for the WC.

  • @majstor-matt Belgium might get in the final, Croatia sorry but it’s coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😁

  • @jeffro-davies said in FIFA World Cup 2018 - Russia:

    @majstor-matt Belgium might get in the final, Croatia sorry but it’s coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😁
    Why is my england flag a black flag🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁🦁🦁three lions will have to do

  • @hans-orf Great article indeed. Always nice to see that people give credit to Luka as he deserves it.

    Congrats to France for reaching the final!

    France 🇫🇷 1 v 0 🇧🇪 Belgium

  • it was not in my expectations but congrats to France. loads of luck Croatia tonight! 🙂


    Thank you guys, you are HEROES!!! Greatest moment in my life.. no words...

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  • @majstor-matt

    A deserved win. Inexperience showed with England, but our future looks good. Please get a result in the 90 mins in the final, you cannot scrape by another 120 😉

  • @hans-orf Thanks mate. Tough game and you surelly have nice future, you just need more power in midfield. Henderson is not enough.

    Fun fact:

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  • @majstor-matt

    Actually I think one of Henderson's club team mates, Gomez (altho a defender) could turn into a good midfielder, as could TAA who Klopp has experimented with in midfield. Also think Southgate should have used Rashford and Wellbeck more this time round and shame Trippier has peaked late (maybe too old next time round). And Pickford, what a keeper, surely a golden gloves contender ;).

    How does your youth look, is this the generation to do it for you? and then a gap as was with the so called "golden generation" of England.

    I have noticed more Croatian players seem to pop up on the transfer list of OSM, a coincidence 😉 I think Vrsaljko who the German commentator kept pronouncing like Pyscho (making me think of Stuart Pearce) is my most used Croatian player. Have Brozović in my Liverpool squad and Rebic in my Atiker Konyaspor team.

    Good luck, keep an eye on Mbappe and take it to the French!

  • IT DIDN'T COME HOME 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄

    Looking forward to the final, probably the 2 best preforming teams 🙂

  • @majstor-matt well done Croatia, we was poor after the 1st half. Good luck against France in the final! You will need it👍

  • @hans-orf

    It's hard to say for our squad. Because we do not have the same amount of registrated players like England, France, Spain or other big countries have. We cannot count on the fact that in every generation we will have a world class player, eve thoung in last 20 years we almost had at least one or two in every squad..

    For us this is surelly chance of the history, they already have written the biggest success in Croatian sport by reaching the final and they are already practially become immortals, but If they win I cant imagine what that would be 😄 BUT If magical happens and they win the title, then I expect that Modrić and Rakitić, alongside Subašić, Ćorluka and Mandžukić, and maybe some other older guys leave the team and make space for some younger talents. And who could blame them if they do that, they would've achieved everything with it.

    But all in all, I can say that I am happy how things are going, football is of course most poopular sport and most of the youth who loves sport and wants to be professional athlete go for football, so we have decent potential. Mateo Kovačić is only 23 and only heaven is his limit, Im sure he will step in properly in team when Modrić leaves. Duje Ćaleta Car has played semifinal of Europa League with Salzburg and was always in first team and he also has great potential as centre back. Lovren's younger brother is also big potential. From Josip Brekalo in Stuttgart I also expect big things. Krovinović already palys big role in Benfica's midfield and Im sure there would've already be room for him in this squad if he hadnt had big injury recently. Roma bought Ante Ćorić recently from Dinamo Zagreb, he is also potential star. And on top of everything Im hoping Alen Halilović will finally sprout in AC Milan and start playing as he knows, because when he was u19 player he was one of the biggest stars. And as for the goalkeeper, there I have the lease worries, Lovre Kalinić already showed on this World Cup with his saves vs Iceland that he is with reason the best goalkeeper in Belgian Jupiler League 😄

    So we will surelly not be strong like we are now with Lovren, Mandzukic, Rakitić and Modrić anytime soon, but I am not afraid for our future, we have what it takes to keep the momentum going specially after this historical result.

    Oh and as for Vrsaljko, his name literally sounds like "psycho" in Croatian 😄 You can check the right pronouncitation here on transfermarkt :

  • @jeffro-davies

    Thanks man, for sure we will need it. We have 1 day less of rest and we played 1 game more than France (3 x extra 30 mins). So for sure France is favourite like 70%, but I'm sure our guys are aware what can they achieve with this and how rare some country small like ours has a chance of doing this so I have no doubt they will give last atom of their strength to do it.

    I mean, yesterday in extra tima, I really thought that we have no chance as England is much younger team and played with less problems against Sweeden that we against Russia, but they once again showed me I must never underestimate their will and strength 😄

  • Bulgarian TV today 😄 Anyone knows the name of this beauty? 😄


  • @majstor-matt

    You have fans everywhere and of every type -


    Good luck!0_1531666017334_37098464_10215714126221889_6996655403408818176_n.jpg

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  • France 🇫🇷 4 v 2 🇭🇷 Croatia

    Congratulations to France, great game. Big applause to our boys as well, did their best and put all their possibloe effort on the pitc. You cant win them all. BRAVO HRVATSKA! Still fantastic result for us. 😄

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