After one week will keep waiting for email?

  • Portuguese Users

    Keeps the same what was your help?
    What you want me to say waiting for you to unlock my account... that I don’t know password and you guys still not helping... want me to say the support is good?
    Amazing... when you know any news handisilva is the name of the trainer in Portuguese, and my email ****... why we guys confirm Facebook accounts and emails if you can’t suppprt us.
    This is easier if you guys don’t help I will stop playing.

  • @handisilva123 Hi, welcome.
    You do think you're the only one, who's send an email?
    And if it takes to long there's always the reply button, to bring the email.
    Trying to get things done by forums will not get you anywhere, so if you have been cooled down then please hit the reply button and you're also going against our osm terms of use now you've created another account.