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    Yes, I told you that, but after discussion with the members of my group we realized that there is no right to punishment and I thought you would rule fairly, but I have proven to the contrary and will not waive the failure to count any punishment

    @Special_NaMe You can relax, the final decision will not be mine. 😉

  • @special_name After analyzing the problem: I understand both parts.
    I realize that what you said happened, but I also understand the other part. I think that, regardless of the group or player, the penalty would be given in the same situation. Unfortunately such things can happen.

    You are a good group and you have certainly been able to recover these lost points.;)

  • Arabic Moderator

    hello my friends
    This is a bug in the game .. It is not the responsibility of the organizers or Men of Honour.. This is something that is likely to happen again also to most of the crews and the other crew .. I see that there is no need for any penalty ... So that no one will be subjected to any injustice... I hope the organizers understand and solve these problems very seriously ..
      good luck for everbody

  • @petrovic6

    But I didn't make a mistake, this is a mistake of the game, I appreciate your words but we are in the semi-final and the penalty will affect the result

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  • @Angel-Sanctis

    can relax, the final decision will not be mine. 😉


  • Round 6/22

  • Hi my friends

    I am amazed at these decisions, game problems occur

    Violation dosn't exist ,Then how can you impose a penalty of 50 points penalty selling the player before 7 days, Although there is no violation of the player's purchase ?

    We: Men Of Honour we play for pleasure not for problems

    My friend Memo Be patient and don't be nervous, this problem will end soon don't worry @Special_NaMe , @Angel-Sanctis

  • Star Cup SF : Revenge - Men Of Honour

    Round 9 :

    RVN : 582
    MOH : 1103

    Dif : -521

  • ok bro @Ancellini

  • I would like to know how many people must still talk about this penalty. Still talking ALONE since 15 days.

  • @rafelmaz

    No penalty for punishment, we wait the decision of the other organizer

  • alt text

    @Rafelmaz and @Special_NaMe

    Hello good day. Sorry for the inactivity here, lately I walk with little time until I came to the forums.

    But after reporting the situation of what was happening here, I had to take the time to analyze this discussion. Li, read again, analyzed, checked every aspect of the subject. I judged the matter first, seeing one side of the story. Then I thought I saw the other side. That is, I put myself in the place of the two groups in analyzing these decisions. I tried to understand both the REVENGE and the MEN OF HONOR sides.

    First and foremost, I want to apologize to everyone involved in this situation, both by the organization and by the OSM and its mistakes that end up harming us.
    I would like to come to ask for respect here in the topic and in the forum, because at no time we are missing with respect to any of those involved, the disagreements that have passed, it has passed, now let's keep the peace.

    Unfortunately the decision to be made, will not come to please the 2 groups. After all, we are not perfect we can not please everyone, and since this is not possible, I had to judge by the rules and consistency of what happened.

    The coach bought a player on the transfer list at the same time as his teammate. In the situation, there is no reason to have a penalty. But when evaluating the "Transfers" you can notice that the purchase of a player was registered, and sold the same to the companion.
    At no point did the coach want to sell the player and also did not want to buy from his group member.

    This is a very complicated matter, because it was not your fault in this 1st situation, but, by order of protocol, we act on all penalties according to the records of the game. (The same happened in different competitions in which I dispute, both individual and in groups. And the same was taken to all, penalty was confirmed, because it was something I said, even if we understand the side of the coach, we have to act accordingly with the protocol, after all, if we open an exception to one, we will have to open them all).

    In the 1st situation, even though it was not your fault, we will have to apply this penalty. And besides because as you yourself said, if you do not apply to 1 ° you will have no reason to continue the 2 nd case.

    Already in the 2nd situation the situation was completely adverse, it would be a duty of the group to control so that that player was not sold within the 7 days. For as there is in Battlepedia, in ARTICLE B ▶ 2. Transfers ▶ b), says: All transfers in which members of the same Group participate must have an interval of 7 days, for the same player.
    Date 2nd Transfer of Player X - Date 1st Transfer of Player X = 7 days. Preparation days are counted as just one day. The transfer time will not be taken into account, just the day.

    Could you think that this would not count as a player buy? I think so, but unfortunately that decision was up to you to judge what would or would not, should have come to take the doubt with someone from the organization via PM. So that I could not have the consequence of this second penalty. In addition there is also under the OSM, topic 5, saying: ou are to report all bugs you discover to the administrator and never to abuse them.
    In addition, you still have the support forum so that they can come to report the error.

    Finally, the captains of each group may seek to get in touch with me, and I have come to a final decision in an agreement so that it is not harmful or unjust to both sides. (I know this must have been done, though, seek calm and try to come to an agreement). If this has not been resolved within 48 hours, it follows the decision of the organization:

    The final decision of the organization is that 2 infractions have been committed, that is, 2 penalties.

    Again, I come to apologize to everyone involved, ask them to stay calm and that this matter dies here in the forum, if they want to talk about it, my name is KEVIN CRISTIAN may be calling me via PM at OSM (not in the forum) , or if you prefer for better communication, you may be calling in the WhatsApp application, my number is: +559299848993.

    Right now, my thanks for the attention and understanding of all, and a good follow-up of games to the semifinalists. Good luck to all, because you have not come here by chance, you are already winners just to be in the semifinals. Of 64 groups around the world, you are among the top 4. And advancing them, will have a decision of 3rd place to both defeated in the semifinals.

    Thanks, Kevin Cristian.

  • Round 15/22

  • Star Cup SF : RevengeMen Of Honour

    Round 19 :

    RVN : 825
    MOH : 1462

    Dif : -637

    This result with penalty 100

  • Star Cup SF : Revenge - Men Of Honour

    Final Result

    alt text

    It was a great battle
    Good luck to you in the coming battles


  • StarCup SF - OSM Striker Ultras 695 - 1683 Portvcale


    Very well played Portvcale! Congratulations 😉

  • Thanks for the great battle @WaterhoenNL ..
    I confirm the score ..

  • When will the next round start ??

  • @semlali-semlali said in ★Star Cup★ - 3rd Edition (English Only):

    When will the next round start ??

    The information will be posted Monday (day 18) 👍

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