Red card for kicking the ball in the crowd!!!!?????

  • English Users

    Hey OSM.. how is it possible to get a red card in the 1st minute to kick the ball to the supporters... like what?? I don’t know about your competitions but here in Belgium you get a yellow card for that... So I played a whole match with 10 men.. for no reason! Then after the match I see he has a red card for 3 matches!!!!! Like how OSM?! I got photo’s of proof but I can’t found how to get this on this Topic.. If you need it.. tell me how plz..

  • English Moderator

    Hi, you don't need to. Text from the computer (reason for getting booked) are random from which the computer selects one from, it doesn't matter which one is selected the fact is that red cards are part of the game. The more aggressive your team plays and the more strict the referee is the more likely you get a red card in your game. So focus more on your aggression and the referees strictness rather than randomly generated text which is just to make the game real.