rank problem

  • Hi, I play only on my Slot 2 on this slot I have the most points and as far as I can see, it does not matter anymore on my overall ranking , have you removed the ranking on the other slots? Now only Slot 1 is the only one that matters?

  • @mr-emilian Yes, I got this with everyone and I think it is unfair for many of managers who were focusing on other slot other than the first slot and their rank become 0

  • yep, It is unfair , now I feel like I start with a new account 🙂

  • It's genuinely disappointing. I focus on all 4 slots and now it seems there is no point in doing so at all. The game should remain the way it is (4 slots per manager)..Or add up the points and stats of all 4 slots into 1 but that wouldn't be fair to those who solely focus on less than 4 slots.

    Having said that, I think it's a bug and It'll be sorted soon. So keep playing and keep checking till it sorts itself out and keep this topic alive.

  • I have spent much time and many manager coins collecting managers points , trying to keep my sub account II inside world's top1000 . Suddenly it is gone . I expect you to restore the ranking as it used to be , or else i 'll have to quit the game .

  • I hope they will fix this problem, because I lost 20,000 points and it will be very hard for me to get them back

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    Hi all,
    fill in the bug report template that can be found on this topic Important - please read


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