EURO NT 2018

    Battle A: 🇫🇷 FRANCE vs 🇧🇪 BELGIUM

    Away Team 🇧🇪 :

    G1: @Ikki07
    G3: @A-touch-of-magic
    G5: @big-boy213
    G7: @Olafou (C)
    G9: @TSP455

    Good luck to our good french friends ❤

  • French Moderator

    Battle A: 🇫🇷 FRANCE vs 🇧🇪 BELGIUM

    Home Team 🇫🇷:

    G1 —> @sanplan
    G3 —> @gana3000
    G5 —> @H-mainguy
    G7 —> @Stephane13270 (C) & (PM)
    G9 —> @fredpin

  • Battle W:
    🇧🇬 Bulgaria vs Azerbaijan 🇦🇿
    Away Team:
    G1 - Николай Петков
    G3 - hris100.100ichkov (PM)
    G5 - BoDexter (C)
    G7 - Danilo Curiel
    G9 - leo00milan10

    Good luck to our friends from Azerbaijan! 🙂

  • @alexander-6666

    Hi mate! We have a remark about your lineup. What about your team members with G7 and G9?
    G7 - Danilo Curiel
    G9 - leo00milan10
    As you could realise this tournament is for national teams, not for international teams, crews or friends teams. What are two Italian guys doing in your lineup? We don´t understand this.
    This line-up is not acceptable! Please change it!

  • @sir-varga-sándor
    I realise well what kind of tournament this is, my friend! But I don't see any rason why our line-up is unacceptable.
    I can give you a lot of examples of countries who played with managers with different flags on WNT or even on this Euro , I won't go into details but will just for example just Slovakia who played with a manager with hungarian flag.

    Second, I want to say that in the profile the detail is "country" not "nationality". Third, all 5 managers want to take part in the battle and it's their decision and all can come in forum and confirm it.
    I can give you many screenshots and examples from this Euro with countries using peoples with other flags( I just mentioned your country cause you put the questions, nothing personally), but then everyone slept, when Bulgaria does the same thing, then there is a problem. Strange, double standarts.
    I am sure that the opponent''s captain will have no problem with this and the battle can be played on the battlefield not anywhere else. 🙂

  • 🇮🇹 Italy vs Spain 🇪🇸

    Final EURO NT 2018

    G1 @davidaguila76
    G3 @salva-pani
    G5 @Perik76
    G7 @javipaniello (C)
    G9 @jorgebusty7

  • Battle W:
    🇦🇿 Azerbaijan vs Bulgaria 🇧🇬
    Home Team:
    G1: @sabit-mamedov
    G3: @f-s-m-0.13 (C)
    G5: @uzay-ozer
    G7: @sULtAn-çER
    G9: @sistematikci

  • @sir-varga-sándor
    I became an agreement also from the captain of Azerbaijan ( @F-S-M-0-13 ) for which I thank him. Respect, mate! I think that in such case the good understanding between the national captains is the most important thing. All managers from Azerbaijan and Bulgaria are real men who want everything to be decided on the field.
    I won't make replacements in my line-up and leave people without battle just because of a flag which is a really subjective thing. If I go to study in other country, I may change flag and what- I am not acceptable anymore for my team?! Or for example if a person from another country lives in Bulgaria and is bulgarian citizen but decides to stay with his old country flag of his bornplace- then what?! Just to end this I will say that in my vines doesn't flow even 50% bulgarian blood, one of the guys who played in previous battles is only half-bulgarian... I say this to show that the case can be called ridiculous. Everyone must play for the team he wants(which many people have done already), just not for two teams at the same teims, that can be the only wrong action.
    We always play our battles according to ALL written rules, which can be well seen in the wars against Italy, Romania and Slovenia where we received 0 points penalties.
    I can talk and talk but ... thanks again, Azerbaijan and we can't wait our battle to start. 🙂
    Good luck and respect to all other teams: Turkey, Italy, Spain, Poland, France and Belgium, for which my bro @TSP455 will have his first national battle! 🙂

  • Dear representatives,

    We should leave behind the nationality issue that has been being spoken since the beginning of the tournament. Let's stop acting childish, and enjoy the tournament and the competition. As the national team of Azerbaijan, we don't care about our rivals' nationalities. We respect our rivals and expect the same from our rivals.

  • @alexander-6666 You know and i know, that this is a little different case, because this two guys have none connection with Bulgaria and there are other things in the foreground. But I want tell you something else. You could show some respect to organizers and you don't need doing problems. We as organizers show respect to Bulgarian national team, we considered you to be a small team (team which is in progress) and allowed you to participate in last or last two rounds with 4 managers from one crew. And your previous opponent didn't made any trouble with that. Now you take into Bulgarian team everyone and looks like fair from your side. Really? Every round different, every round what is best from you...
    If you show respect in this way for others competitors and organizer, you must be really proud on yourself.
    And now your are telling me an organizer should ignore your behavior and captain work.

  • Italian Moderator


    🇮🇹 Italy vs. Spain 🇪🇸

    G1 - @PROF-CONSY
    G3 - @milito6969 (C)
    G5 - @salvociri
    G7 - @Djorkaeff_6
    G9 - @Theprincect

  • @marjan-f
    A team which was created 5 months ago, from which no one of the managers had crew expirience and has ever heard about a battle before I started this, is with sure a small team. Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belarus are of course teams which are created recently or small teams (or in progress).
    How is it known they have no connection with Bulgaria. For example Leo? Did we check his passport, his life, his living place?
    Agreement became for battle from both sides, the both captains are on the oppinion that such cases don't affect neither Azerbaijan nor Bulgaria. Battle is played between two teams.
    I wrote that we aren't the first who play with people with different flags, so where is the giant problem.
    I won't make changes in our line-up. 10 managers are ready for battle and can't wait it to start. We play or quit Euro, we are ready for both options.

  • @alexander-6666 Battle is played between two teams. I agree, totally. But you registered to the tournament, so in the first you must show respect for organizers and other 15 competitors. When you registered your team you agreed with type of tournament and rules. How you will feel, if you organize a tournament and nobody rescpect you and they play whatever and how they want? First, you have to respect others, then you can expect respect from others.

    This is not national battle anymore, so enjoy your battle. I respect national teams who took part in that tournament and did absolutely NONE problems. For others: name National battle means NATIONAL and not "for my friends" battle and not "my wishlist team" battle. Do whatever you want, in the name of fairplay.

  • @alexander-6666

    Mate - I understand you. This can happen. But probably you remember the case of Azerbaijan. You were one of the biggest opponent of playing the managers with Turkish flag for Azerbaijan. You said that you can play foreign players if all the countries have. Probably you have found managers with another flag-it can happen at countries like Switzerland or Russia for example. At our team as well, 80% of the Slovakian managers have both nationalities Hungarian and Slovak as well. And at that battle that was my biggest problem to warn my player to change his flag. One of our team members got an infection in nearly died and I nearly died on the floorball pitch because of a head injury and I am still in hospital in life danger. We couldn´t continue the battle as well. If I searched for Hungarian players we could easily continue the tournament but I was fair and used only people from Slovakia.
    To come back to your case here are the screenshots:
    alt text

    alt text

    After this if I watch the problem with neutral eyes, it is far different than other cases.

    As organizator I see your line up not acceptable, you need to change it.

    Should be posted one day before the league opens (till 00:00 CET): 3/5/2018 ➡ no penalty
    Posting line up on the same day when the league opens: 4/5/2018 ➡ penalty: -250
    The day after the league opens: 5/5/2018 ➡ walkover (1000-0)
    Possible managers/goals substitution:
    before deadline (3/5/2018 till 00:00 CET) ➡ no penalty
    after deadline (4/5/2018) ➡ penalty -250

    I give you some extra rime to change your line-up. You have time till tomorrow 12 am.

  • Yes, I was against firstly , because I got negative answer on other topic as I metioned there, but then I agreed, right?! I don't talk for a special case but generally, we don't have anything against any country playing with person with different flag, it is seen from my first posts that I was the one with the screenshot yeah, but then I put myself on their place and didn't argue more about it. And we don't want to have also problems for this as I already mentioned. By the way I don't see any lack of fair-play from our side, I could have said to my two teammates: "Hey, people, change your flags, to not get problems and argues on forum for that." I won't do it, beecause I don't make people do things which aren't decided by theirselves and I won't even ask them for this never!
    I wish you fast recoverment, mate, and hope everything is ok with you as soon as possible, because health and real life are on first place...
    Yes, exactly double standarts, how do you know that those people don't have double citizenship? I repeat, did you check their passport? People with both nationalities in Slovak team- I don't have anything against that, but if we will be pedantic, I say they can be your relatives who live in Hungary and have no connection with Slovakia.
    In the end we have only words without arguments, because arguments are impossible to be given in a football GAME.

  • This post is deleted!

  • When organizer sees the line-up not acceptable, this means a walkover 1000-0, right?! If it does, then well done for ruining the spirit of Euro of two teams who were ready to fight , just great ! 👏 👏 👏 For two teams who played with HONOUR till now and reaching this stage of the competition, just wow, that is the way the organisators must decide a battle which is agreed between teams.
    By the way what rule, show me the rule please about the flags. It's simple, you can't, cause there isn't such. Other can, we can't?!
    You can also still save the battle, mate.

  • I think Alex is in his right to play with people with other flags in his lineup. Let me put it this way: I see a country playing with managers with other flags in their lineup: I will ask if this is legal. The mods tell me it is. So later when the situation requires I will also play with these kind of managers. It would be illogical to let people play with other flags first and then to forbid it, during the same tournament still.

    I suggest that there will be created an extra rule for this after the tournament, so no further discussion about this will be possible. This rule will just explain as clear as it will be, just as the other rules are clear at the moment. For example: a country can only take part if all of the flags of its members are the one from the country they're representing. Or at least 4/5 managers should have the flag of the represented country.

    At first there was this goal changing thing, now this. These situations can happen, but we learn from it and prevent it from happening again. It's ok to create an extra rule for this but in my oppinion this can only happen after the tournament, otherwise the participants didn't have the same rights during the tournament. Cheers.

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