[SUGGESTION] Offsides - Game Statistics

  • I would like to suggest that in Game Statistics we could see the Offsides.

    I think this would be very helpful for those who use the offside tactic !! Through this, we could find out if the tactic is working or not, and thus decide whether or not it is worth keeping the tactic according to that !!

    I already made this suggestion in the old forum (still in the OSM V2.0), but at the time I was told that you could see the Game Offsides in the Summary. Although I did not agree too much !! This is because it only appeared in the Summary when a goal was canceled by Offside !! All other Offsides that occurred during the game, it was not possible to see them through the Summary !!

    Well, given that the Summary (now called Match Experience) is only available on Android and iOS, and that, if I'm not mistaken, it's not possible to know the Offsides through it, I think it's time to add this to the Game Statistics !!

    In order not to take up so much space, I think this could appear along with the faults committed !! That is, the number of fouls appeared, and between () appeared the number of Offsides of each team !! Here is an example:

    : arrow_right: Fouls (Offsides) 20 (3)

    So, what do you think of this suggestion? Give your opinions !!! : thumbsup:

  • Really?? Not even here?? I created this topic 16 days ago !! 0 posts?? Come on guys, post your opinions please !! It's the only way this suggestion can be implemented !! 👍

  • As i said before many times, i think it will be too complicated that will kill fun and uniqueness of this game.

  • Polish Users

    I support! Great idea - "offsides" is in my opinion necessary information to use tactics. Now, i think, that is secret statistic, but one of basic to create tactics. It's enigmatically illogical...
    (sorry for my "english" 🔰 )

  • @manager-pr-9 Complicated? In what way? You can be sure that Offsides already exists in matches! If the tactic for Offsides exists!!! Why they aren't shown in Match Statistics?

  • English Users

    @andré26_xd I agreee

  • More opinions, please!! 👍

  • @andré26xd Hello there! 🙂

    I like the way you present your suggestion and how you strive for interaction and further discussion. But here's the unfortunate part.
    You missed our official topic for this matter.
    So please have a look at this topic : https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/3310/osm-game-features-chatroom-suggestions/351 , and continue with your new ideas in there. I hope to see more coming from you. 👍

    Thank you!