The Value Problem

  • How is this possible when the player has +1 defence than the other one and they are at the same age (26) but also their values are same? Is this a bug or what?


  • I honestly do not see any problem here. Value is not precisely determined, because you dont only have millions and thousands, you also have hundreds and dozens.

  • So maybe the value of first player is 19.320.169 and value of second player is 19.320.841

  • The average of Goikoetxea is 89+94/2=91.5.
    The average of Laudrup is 89+95/2=92.
    For the value of Goikoetxea it's rating is probably rounded to 92, which makes it the same value. So I think the problem is not the value of the players in money, but the rating is not calculated the right way.


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