suggestion: change the name of the group.

  • It would be nice to have an option to change the name of the group. our group had some changes and we wanted to put a new name that we chose among all the members but wanting to change it we could not do it and as happened to us sure other groups will happen to them over time. I hope my suggestion helps and can be carried out. thank you very much.

  • It's a great idea, I do not understand either because you can not change the name of the groups, I do not find sense

  • I also support nelsonm91's suggestion, our crew doesn't have any plans to change its name but I also don't see any sence in disallowing this option.

  • I'm sorry guys, but this is not something that will be implemented.
    Crew names must be unique for the same reason as manager names must be unique it helps technically a lot.
    And do you think it will be much easier to find a crew that way?
    If we would let everyone to change the name then we would have 5000 Barcelona crews etc.

  • @hespera and is there a possibility that there is an exception for a good reason and the group changes its name?

  • @jorgecasla Yes, it's possible to request it through us.
    If needed tell us a good reason why, new crew name, keep in mind that crew name must be unique and not against our osm terms of use.

    Then GB will check things out and decide to approve the change or not.

  • @hespera the request to change the name of the group and the reasons to whom we should request them in this forum topic, by private message from osm or in a special forum topic. thank you very much

  • @jorgecasla We will leave this open, so you can put the request in here.

  • @hespera Name of the group: Pomelos
    New name requested: Templarios
    Reason: all the members of the group were in galacticos, but we had a problem with the creator of the galacticos group and we had to leave all. Since we were playing many competitions (wcc, lhb, chapecoense), we had to create the fast group so that all the members could enter quickly and play with this new group and not be disqualified.
    We put name Pomelos to the group thinking that it could be changed, when all the members entered we looked for a name that represents us: Templars. when the moderator wanted to change it, we discovered that it could not be done.

  • @jorgecasla I've forwarded you're request now.

  • @jorgecasla That name has been denied, since there's already a group with that name.

  • @hespera We have already decided the new name of the group: Revenants, and we verify that it is available to not make the same mistake as yesterday

    Name of the group: Pomelos
    New name requested: Revenants

  • @jorgecasla As you've probably already noticed it has been accepted and changed already.

  • @hespera thanks

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