International forum Tournament (ENGLISH Only ! )

  • Hello there
    I congratulate all the managers who participated in the tournament and congratulate the managers who have succeeded. I would like to thank the Polish support team for opening the doors to the organization and allowing the topic title to be opened.

    I offer my gratitude to my friend @CnytAkn who has trusted me and assistant throughout the tournament.

    I congratulate the tournament champion. But I certainly do not approve of the trick that he has done in the past.

    I am celebrating all the attendants again, I wish success to the next tournament


  • Turkish Moderator

    @bayram-karakuş Thank you for your help. It was nice to run this tournament.

    @FCTrabZonLu Congratulations on winning the championship with your own labor 👏

    @Dovco_HandF you can lock the tournament thanks.

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