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    I don't have an idea about What is happening to OSM's ratings increasing Kane and De Bruyne to 99 to be equal to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar even Neymar doesn't deserve to have the same rating of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo How did Kane and De Bruyne got this rating Are You kidding me !!!!!? Please Control this Because Ratings are a very Important part in the game

  • @amr-ashraf-333 they are not in the same league... maybe thats why. If Kane's and de bruyne's rating is 99, messi and neymar should have 110-120.
    It is too much when only 2/3 players have that rating, rating other ones do not go over 99.

  • So this helps a league, and that top teams are more equal now whit this.
    League is morr effective

  • I seem to recall that players' ratings are based on the market value listed for them on the site https://www.transfermarkt.com/ if a value is available.

    The way they correlate isn't linear and when their market value is over a certain threshold they just get 99 on their main stats (according to their role).

    I think Neymar needs to be updated, maybe?