Gameplay and App Suggestions

  • Dutch Users

    Hi, I have two suggestions which are really bothering for a long while now:

    • In the browser using Google Chome latest version - Choosing a new league: When the season ended, you are able to pick a new team. You end up in a screen (1) with suggestions of common leagues or following your moderator (not my choice, but I understand this design decision). You can go to choosing all competitions (2) and choose a country (3). However, when there are no teams of your choice in this competition you will press back ("terug" in Dutch on the left top of the team choice block) and it will redirect you back to the screen (1), instead of where you left of in screen (2) which also might be scrolled down or in a different continent. That would be my preferred action after using this button.
      In addition: I would love a feature where you could filter on countries left in conquering the world and (even better) competition which have not yet started.

    • On the iPhone 7 using latest version - Opening one of your accounts: I'm really bothered of all the screens you have to tap through while opening one of your accounts. I get the initial screen in which probably data is loaded, but then I need to tap through the pre-game talk (1), the game (2), the after-game talk (3) and the overview of money gathered with that round (4). That's tapping through 4 times! I don't like them at all, would rather go immediately through to the main screen with score. I understand that some people like the features, so perhaps a dismiss all button or setting somewhere in the app would be of good use here.

    What about the suggestions? Did not want to post them at first, but after months of irritations, I decided to do it anyway 😉

  • @hutjepower_nl

    On your iPhone you can press 'Skip' on the bottom left side of your screen during the Match Experience if you want to skip that section. Also, if you want to skip the Match Experience every time by default you can go to your iPhone Settings -> OSM -> Match Experience -> Disable the switch.
    But I would suggest against disabling it, because in the after-game talk the commentators give some valuable tips regarding your tactics 😉

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