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    Scout finds three players and they are not as i wish! I want to buy the player I want for example I'm playing with manchester city and I want to buy messi,ronaldo,griezman,bale and so on.You just do not make it as in FIFA,PES,there is no choice to enter the search engine and find the player I want I make a bid and buy it!!!!
    I think a lot of people would agree with me about this,the game would be much better.
    Thanks you for understanding
    Nice Greeting! 🙂

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    @cis-runiglop Hi,
    Note that this is the Support Forum so any post made here is treated as a question/help and once the correct answer/help is provided the topic gets closed.
    For discussions and suggestions about OSM always use "OSM - The Game'' Forum.

    I restored your topic which was deleted for multi topic so your suggestion can be discussed there by other managers to see what they think.

    And of course this has to be closed.