• Hello,

    First of all, the changes in the game are quite nice and I like the new features.

    But there are some problems I'd like to point out. As you'll see in my profile, it says that I have zero managerpoints. If you look at my manager history you'll see that can't be correct. I don't think I have to make that clear to you.

    Second thing are the achievements. Like the amount of Cup titles and the unachieved 'Cup title achievement' doesn't match.

    Would you be so kind to look into my profile and fix the problems?

    Thanks so far1_1480294179268_IMG_7056.PNG 0_1480294179266_IMG_7055.PNG

  • @LitlleGangster-.._NL Where do you see 0 manager points?
    Because on both screens I see manager points and also on your profile.
    The cup achievement will only count from moment it was introduced

  • No respons from the OP so this can be closed