Royal Rumble 2018 - ediția a IV-a

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    @real-madrid-fc-12 Hi Jorge!
    Thank you for your proposal, but on the first page I already mentioned that the registrations are opened maximum until the 10th of April, depending on the number of the registered teams.
    After that, on the second page, when there were 15 teams registered, I announced that the maximum number of teams accepted will be 24.
    There's no way we are going to make long leagues of 16 teams and I don't want to repeat a 3 phase tournament like last year which was pretty exhausting.

    @Triarius Thanks for the update!

    If there is anyone else who cannot play anymore, now it is the moment to speak!

    Team 1: raul_alessio (KOKA) + NeverBackDown 2oo9 (R-Lions)
    Team 2: leucostin (RO MANIA) + VlaD-I (KOKA)
    Team 3: Rauulx (Gladiator Brasil) + Naruto Uzumaki 2014 (A Good Looking Imperium)
    Team 4: Jeffro Davies (Idios Assassins) + Andrei_jardel (RO MANIA)
    Team 5: Tangooscar (Idios Assassins) + Davemx1984 (A Good Looking Imperium)
    Team 6: sg_gaz (RO MANIA) + TorresM9 (KOKA)
    Team 7: TheBestManagerNL (A Good Looking Imperium) + WaterhoenNL (OSM Striker Ultras)
    Team 8: DON KING BOSANO (RO MANIA) + Chingy178 (RNG)
    Team 9: A touch of magic (A Good Looking Imperium) + andresoke (Romanian Revolutionists)
    Team 10: CleveLand23 (R-Lions) + Adi Chivu (RO MANIA)
    Team 11: Gabriel Iulian (RNG) + Vlady93 (DIEGO)
    Team 12: Adiu2000 (RomanianLegends) + rusu cristiano (ILUMINATII)
    Team 13: barbierul din venetia (KOKA) + bance2 (Romanian Revolutionists)
    Team 14: Casual1948 (Polish Warriors) + AndreiFM (Romanian Revolutionists)
    Team 15: r3ddogs (Romanian Revolutionists) + TomoTimi (Idios Assassins)
    Team 16: B3by7za (KOKA) + Cristi MCN (RomanianLegends)
    Team 17: MenagerBL (СРБИЈА) + Deak1975 (Idios Assassins)
    Team 17: Blondu C10 (RNG) + Fireman one (RR)
    Team 19: Invinciblemanagerpapa2 (TDP) + Hagsten (Idio Assassins)
    Team 20: Kaiser Brian Clough (Idios Assassins) + sistematikci (The Best of Turkey)
    Team 21: DİÇO55 (Galatasaray SK) + YusuF ÇİRCİ (Karadeniz İmparatorluğu)
    Team 22: sniki26 (Husarya_PL) + Łukasz Kowalski (Polish Eagles)
    Team 23: Alexander 6666 (Mystery) + chindilcuk (Maron)
    Team 24: belacqua1 (Mystery) + I Love Niken (Merah-Putih)

    Reserves 1: Wilson Arias 1 (Revolucion Hispana) + Real Madrid Fc 12 (Escorpiones dorados)
    Reserves 2: Ezequiel Latorre (Revenants) + Jose 1ca (The Last Warriors)
    Reserves 3: Alex Demartin (The Last Warriors) + JOAKIN FLORENTIN 10 (Revenants)
    Reserves 4: azwal fiand (Merah-Putih) + Andhy Mikha (INDONESIA REBORN)
    Reserves 5: joeeyhills (Mystery) + Hris100.100ichkov (Ganbatte Kudasai)
    Reserves 6: Rafa Cunha ( El Potrero) + Nelsonm91 ( Revenants)

  • Update:

    Team 20: Kaiser Brian Clough (Idios Assassins) + sistematikci (The Best of Turkey Kızıl Elma)

  • Update:
    Team 23: Alexander 6666 (Mystery Ganbatte Kudasai) + chindilcuk (Maron)

  • Update
    Tem 24: belacqua1 (Mystery) (Ganbatte Kudasai) + I Love Niken (Merah-Putih)

  • Update:

    Team 20: Kaiser Brian Clough (Idios Assassins) + sistematikci (The Best of Turkey Kızıl Elma TÜRK)

  • Team 21: DİÇO55 (Galatasaray SK) + YusuF ÇİRCİ (Karadeniz İmparatorluğu Galatasaray SK Akademi)

  • Romanian Moderator

    Team 19 disqualified: Invinciblemanagerpapa2 (does not have a crew)
    Reserves Team disqualified: Andhy Mikha (inactive)
    Reserves Team disqualified: Hris100.100ichkov (does not have a crew)

    I'll come back with an update soon!

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    Semifinale: 6 grupe cu ligi de 8 echipe (6 grupe x 4 echipe de manageri = 24 echipe de manageri)
    FINALA: 1 liga de 12 echipe (se califica in finala castigatoarele celor 6 grupe semifinale)

    Semifinals: 6 groups with leagues of 8 teams (6 groups x 4 manager teams = 24 manager teams)
    THE FINAL: 1 league of 12 teams (the winners of the 6 semifinal groups qualify to the final)


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    Semifinal groups (only the winners qualify in a league of 12 teams) !

    0_1523545246862_Grupe semifinale.jpg

    Tomorrow I'll update you with the league where we will play and the draw for the objectives!

    You can start thinking who wants to create the leagues. The semifinals will start on Monday evening (16th of April).

  • @raul_alessio
    Great job, mate! Perfect organisation. Our duet , me and Rizal are honoured to take part in this edition and wish luck to the particapants in our group, in the whole tournament and especially to my buddies Dimas(I love Niken) and Ömer(belacqua1) 😄

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    who told you i dont have a crew. you cant just conclude like that. go check please

  • @invinciblemanagerpapa22 hagsten only put invinciblemanagerpapa2 instead of 22 when he signed up mate

  • @raul_alessio I can be moderator of our league if nobody has offered

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    @jeffro-davies oh i see too bad i wont be able to show my strength here. maybe next time except something can be done

  • @raul_alessio Is it a idea to start 1 day later due to the scoutpromotion?

  • Romanian Moderator


    I could say that this was very unfortunate. Normally, since it was a user mistake posting a wrong manager name, the team "Invinciblemanagerpapa22 (TDP) + Hagsten (Idio Assassins)" will be the first reserves.
    But investigating a little bit more, I found out that invinciblemanagerpapa2 and invinciblemanagerpapa22 are under the same IP address, so I'm kindly requesting you to delete the account invinciblemanagerpapa2 if you don't want to see both accounts locked.

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    @naruto-uzumaki-2014 The scout promotion will end on Tuesday morning at 9 AM Central European time. We can make a rule that you can't buy any players by then. Of course everyone could have the scout ready at that hour, but it shouldn't be an issue. I'll post the rules on Monday. If there will be managers that won't read them, I'll be sorry for them..that's what the penalties are for. 😉

    @Alexander-6666 Thanks mate! 🙂

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    This is the best league that I could find (Letonia in Romanian, Latvia in English):


    I know the teams are not as equal as last year, but there's no better league unfortunately. However the differences are not very high, so we should be able to manage this:


    The draw is live now in less than 4 minutes and it can be watched here:

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    The result of the draw is (and I'll explain soon how it works):


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    So the first seeded manager teams will take the "B" teams which are: Riga FC & FS Metta-LU.
    The second seeded manager teams will take the "C" teams which are: FK Liepaja & FK RFS.
    The third seeded manager teams will take the "A" teams which are: FK Ventspils & FK Jelgava.
    The forth seeded manager teams will take the "D" teams which are: FK Spartak Jurmala & Valmieras.

    Of course, it's up to you to decide which team player gets higher or lower objective.

    Please let me know as soon as possible who can create the leagues! Only groups 3 and 4 have been decided. Thanks!

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