How quickly can I resign from a team?

  • I signed up with Everton who were in week 4 of a league, when I looked into the team, the previous manager had sold off all the good players at ridiculous prices and there was only 15 players left in the squad..He bought Messi valued at 32.17millions and paid 49.97 milllions for him, then the same week he sold him on to another team in the division for 24.16 millions !! Needless to say the balance of the club is 1.3 millions so I cant buy any players..When I tried to resign once I worked out the team has been asset stripped the system says I cant resign cos its too early, I just want to get out and manage a team

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    @Micky-Root Hi, welcome.
    You can resign after your first match.

  • I do hope you are right, I will speed off right now and hope that I can, silly thing is I played Chelsea and beat them !! I have no team depth and no funds to buy/change them so I need to get going quickly, thank you

  • @Hespera Many thanks, I am free, off now to find a team I can give my full attention to...Mike

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    @Micky-Root Your welcome, so this can be closed now.

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