Why Can't I change my profile picture?

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    Well the question is simple. I played OSM in the past and about a month ago I rejoined the game. I'm having a lot of fun with this new version, but in this new one, I can't change my avatar.

    In the computer, it simply doesn't change. I load an image but the avatar it's not changed.

    In the phone (Android), changing the avatar crashes the game (and the avatar isn't changed).

    I've been waiting to change my avatar, but it's already been one month (with an update in the middle) and nothing was fixed, so I am asking here.

  • @philipS_99

    Hello Diogo and welcome back to the game and our new forums. ☺

    My name is Sofie and I will try to help you set a new nice avatar.
    Since you are an experienced manager I can assume that you already know how we change our avatars on our game profile. Yes?


    Please read the above topic for general guidelines of the new forums.

    You have to change your Avatar on your game profile of your OSM account, and then automatically you will get the same avatar on your forum profile too.

    Now, I need from you to start with a nice cleaning up of your browser's history, from your laptop or pc.
    Just refresh your browser info by pressing CTRL+F5 . Or , clear all of your cache/temporary Internet Files (manually or using a software like CCleaner).

    Also disable the use of any ad blockers on your browser.

    Then try to loggin into your OSM account and I will remind you of the steps to set a new avatar, just to make sure everything will work fine mate.

    1. http://prnt.sc/d7sudg
    2. http://prnt.sc/d7svn5
    3. http://prnt.sc/d7sxop

    I hope for a successful change Diogo. :fingers_crossed_tone2: If nothing changes then we'll start talking of Bug reports mate. 😉

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    Thanks for your attention. Today I tried to change the format of the file. Using a program called paint .net, I changed my image to .gif format (size 99x99) and it worked 😄

    In the forums it still didn't change, I don't know if it takes some time, but in game it is changed.

    Thank you again

  • @philipS_99 Hi again Diogo ! 😄

    You are very welcome mate. Now I need you to first log out from OSM and re-loggin.
    Then I want you to visit again the forums and go to Edit your own forum profile, you must now be able to see a new avatar added for you to use . Check the instructions in the following screen shot , taken from my own forum profile. http://prnt.sc/ddrk9a

    Let me know please when you are done and you got your new forum avatar. Thanks Diogo. 😉

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    I re-logged and the avatar is now changed both in game and in the forum, thanks very much for your help.


  • @philipS_99 said in Why Can't I change my profile picture?:

    I re-logged and the avatar is now changed both in game and in the forum, thanks very much for your help.


    Hahaha. Congrats Diogo! :clap_tone2: And you did it without my screen shot . I forgot to paste it. Sorryyyyy... 😳

    I added my screen shot now though , in case other managers read your topic too, while looking for the same problem.😉

    We can close this one now. Enjoy your gaming time my friend ! :thumbsup_tone2: