the game is driving me crazy!

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    I've returned to the game for couple of months now , and since that the game is laterally driving me crazy with some unrealistic results ! its just so frustrating how the game is going right now.

    I'm playing in a private league with only my friends in the league , all the managers (20) are friends and we all are active
    the results are sometimes too crazy to believe , some match days all the teams in the first 7 positions lose or draw ! doesn't matter whom they're playing even if its a bad team that didn't won any game in his last 5 games , or its an average team with a rookie manager that can't normally win a league vs computer and players from 75 to 82 against a 90+ team.

    I believe the is trying to make it a competitive league by making all teams lose at some point even if its to an unworthy opponents !

    Now back to my team , am good at building squads, I have a mighty team after 11 games played , neymar Insigne dybala belotti roney ect , I have 14 players +95
    playing against a team that have only 4 defenders and only 1 player 85+ and he is not even good he is the 18th in the league with only 4 defenders in the team so he can't even play defensive game and he beat me 1-0 with 433 ??!
    alt text

    He didn't even play with wingers in 433 he played with strikers and i have neymar 98 and chiesa 95 with belotti 93 in the mid 🙂

    alt text

    and its now the first time either , lost in game num 4 against Burnley who was the 19th in the league with 2 defeats and a draw back then and now after 11 games in the league he won just 2 games in the league 🙂
    alt text

    Its just too crazy! every 4 games I have to lose doesn't matter whom i'm playing , just have to lose the 4th game
    alt text

    its too suspicious its like clock

    It happened 3 times now that all the teams in the first 7 or 8 positions lose or draw in the same day !

    for ex,
    alt text

    something is wrong with the game -_-

  • You tactic is poor, thats why

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    ya that's way I beat Man city which is by far the strongest team in the league 2 games ago ?
    check my account mate !!

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    If he has a better tactics than my tactics WhTF he is the 18th in the league and he can't even build a descent squad !

    and what about city drawing with Swansea 0-0 which is tell now the only point Swansea won in the league ! and it was in a matchday that the first 7 teams lost points ?!

    I can bring more examples easily , like I said all the league's managers are my friends and I know their level and whom are good and whom not ! he is a rookie.