Ligde 2 Takım Yönetme

  • ProdigygibiAnil ligde 2 takım yönetiyor. Galatasaray ve Antalya. Ucuzdan kendisine oyuncu alıp satıyor gerekeni yapın!

  • @psikoooo said in Ligde 2 Takım Yönetme:

    ProdigygibiAnil manages 2 teams in the league. Galatasaray and Antalya. Do what you need to buy and sell players from cheap!

  • administrators

    Hi mate and welcome to our forums!

    Cheaters/Cheating are not to be discussed on forums. If you suspect something is not right on your league, please go to suspect manager profile and click on Report as cheater link

    You can also join your own language forum by logging out from forums and logging back in. You should be able to see Turkish forums after that!

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