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    So yesterday I was one of the ones that were affected by the problem where the games weren't simulating in one of my leagues. Today I noticed that in that league all the games got pushed back a day. Even the ones already played say that they took place a day later than they did. The game that had issues simulating now says it will take place at 6:15 PM Eastern today even though that it simulated sometime early this morning and there is a result shown. The game that was supposed to take place today now says it is going to happen tomorrow
    Does this mean that the game that was supposed to be today is now going to happen tomorrow or is that an error?

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    @rams647 Also since there is nothing going on now today it appears that it isn't going to count income either. It counted yesterday's income when it finally simulated the game this morning
    It usually takes until 6:50-7ish to simulate so I'm crossing my fingers but it appears that yesterday's fix broke the schedule

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    @rams647 I don't know if the developers saw this or what but it worked in the end and the schedule was corrected. So never mind you can lock this

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    Good to hear this is sorted 👍
    Cheers 🍻

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