Players that are training/ on the bench

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    I have a question about players that are training. They can't be in the starting line-up but they can be o the bench. That means they can play the game even though they are in training?

    And one more question about players on the bench that play. What happens to their fitness? Do they still loose fitness or do they gain fitness?

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    When you put players on the bench, they will gain fitness.
    Yes indeed, players can play in the match while they are training. You can put these players on the bench, even when your players are in a training session

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    • Yes! That's correct.
    • This depends on how much time they spend on the pitch. If they come on at the last twenty minutes or less they'll gain some level of fitness. If they come on at the first thirty minutes or earlier their fitness level will drop same as if they started the game. The effect on the fitness level varies on the duration of play in each game they come on as sub.