Manager points

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    This is a problem because my manager points don't calculating at all. I don't understand [s2] what that mean.. Please fix it if you can..

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    You have 4 slots which can be referred to in two ways (2 names)
    Slot 1 or Main Account
    Slot 2 or Sub Account 1 [S1]
    Slot 3 or Sub Account 2 [S2]
    Slot 4 or Sub Account 3 [S3]

    And each of these slots have their own separate ranking according to the amount of manager points they have and the one with the highest manager points and ranking is the one shown on your profile. In your own case it's your Slot 3 aka Sub Account 2 or [S2].
    If you check your profile and then your slots you'll see this for yourself.

  • Okey I understand that but on world ranking I have been 1.600.000th after season on [S2]. After that I finished season on [S1] but my world ranking place stil same.

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    @shorty112 yeah, you finished two leagues on your S2 which totals 6800+ points and one league on your Main Account which totals 400+ points
    Which means your S2 still has the most manager points and hence it's the one shown on the ranking.
    Also there's a bug on your slots though where all your slots are showing the same ranking as your Main Account instead of their own separate ranking. However, this is a known bug and GB are working on it so by the time it's fixed all your slots will have their correct ranking.
    There's no bug on calculations on your slots as at now.