cannot some of the leagues that i joined

  • so i have 2 slots unlocked they are fine but the third slot my friend invited me to 2 leagues when i accepted the invitation from pc not mobile the first invitation was fine but when i accepted the second one the game glitched now i can see the second invitation in the third slot and i didnt leave the other league from my friend's account i can still see my name in the league i tried joined a 5th league to check if it will be in the 4th slot i did not i got replaced again in the 3rd slot its been 2 days i thought it would fix itself
    my ign is omar3584 please fix it asap

  • Login: i use fb or gmail to login username is omar3584
    Account: Slot3,4
    League number: -
    Date & Time of the bug: 23-25/4/2018
    Platform: Android App/ facebook

    App Version:
    Brand/type device: Samsung s6
    OS version: 7.0

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    Your report has been forwarded.

  • any news about the bug?

  • English Moderator

    @omar3584 Hi,
    Gamebasics are working to fix this. All you have to do is wait and be patient.

  • now the club in 3rd slot moved to 4th slot when i tried to join with 3rd slot it says cannot manage a club with this slot because i am already using it so can you remove the leagues i joined that i cannot see so i can join a new one

    but please "only" the leagues i cannot see or play not the ones i already joined because i have put way too much work in them i dont want to lose my progress

  • @omar3584 Mate, my colleague already told you to be patiënt and wait till it's fixed.
    That also means don't try anything yourself, now you're risking to do more damage then good. The fix will be the one that's possible, so it might not be the one you like it to be.

  • its been almost 2 weeks and my problem isnt fixed yet how long should i wait to fix a simple bug?

  • worst support ever any game i have played and had it took max 2 days to be fixed and now its been 16 days since the bug happened and 14 days since i reported it and still nothing and when i asked for you told me to have patience well there is still a limit for patience

  • @omar3584 Remember this is not something that has to do with support, when we forward the issue it's up to Developers to fix it and we all need to wait.

  • @hespera cant you just delete all the clubs that i cannot access atm i think the first problem is fixed because i can see the 3rd slot empty and the latest club i joined in slot 3 moved to slot 4

    the clubs i want you to keep valencia and dsk shivajians and saudi arabia

    can that fix my problem by removing the clubs i cannot manage because when i tried to join with slot 3 after the account was updated it told me cannot manage club already managing a club

  • @omar3584 To avoid any problems in the future that would not be the best solution, because it may be gone temperary, but it also could come back in the future if it's not fixed.

  • @hespera but thats a good temporary fix till you can fix it permanently
    my opinion its worth it

  • @omar3584 Nope, because trace of problem would be gone, you really need to have to wait till they have fixed it.

  • @hespera a league ended today in 4th slot can i join another club in that slot or i shouldnt try in any slots
    the problem is in 3rd

  • @omar3584 Last time you did that it wasn't working as planned and since bug isn't fixed there's a chance samething will happen again.

  • so +1 month the problem got fixed by itself the leagues that i had a problem with most of them finished and now i have 2 leagues very shitty scores and atleast 2 more because i couldnt play them and ofc you wont remove them for me
    so thats what i get for seeking help from a support wasting time checking the forums almost everyday getting pissed because i couldnt access 25% of the game i was aiming for having 50 cups obj and champ without losing once and now all of that is ruined i wish i never knew this game i will still play it but i just dont like it like i used to before the bug happened because everytime i remember the game i remember that a simple bug couldnt be fixed and wasted time for nothing in return

    this game has the worst support i have ever seen and i hope i dont need to contact you again

  • @omar3584 It has mentiont before, this has nothing to do with our support.
    We did what needed to be done, forward it to our Devs.
    What may look a simple bug to you, does not always mean that they are really that simple.
    We understand the frustration, but we are also still waiting for them to fix it.

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