Confederation Cup (English Only)

  • league created and sent invitations! good luck 💪

  • @boskovice said in Confederation Cup (English Only):

    League creat when ? What time ?!

    All leagues must be created on 03/05, between 23:30 and 00:30 (server time);

  • Chile and Turkey have created the league after hours so you have a penalty of -50 points

  • @rubinhosantana According to the server clock was established league
    what penalty is my friend

  • French Moderator

    @rubinhosantana thanks you for what you know

    which hour for transferts?

  • @reisjr18 said in Confederation Cup (English Only):

    • Purchases should only be made after the first simulation of sales of players (Pay attention, or for any kind of doubt, ask the organization).

    Here my friend @serggio-roronoa. 😉

  • Hi everyone, how are the battles around here?

  • French Moderator

    Hi, the battle against our brazilian friends is really funny! 😁

  • 0_1526347888989_f6240d80-d629-4228-9b1d-2e003ef71cca-image.png

  • URUGUAY 🇺🇾 : 531
    ROMANIA 🇷🇴 : 1118

  • ConfederationsCup without World Champions 🇷🇸 ? WTF is that?

  • @menagerbl Good friend, Servia was not invited for the following reason that you informed me yourself

    alt text

  • 😂 Buddy, you asked me about a friendly vs Brazil...I don't waste coins for friendlies...
    There was not a single word about a tournament or Confederations Cup or am I blind? 😂

  • I even don't remember that message...I got hundreds of messages in that time...
    If you mentioned a Confederations Cup I would consider that for sure.
    You just asked about a friendly so your picture shows nothing.
    Enjoy your tournament mate! 😉

  • @menagerbl You told me this in the conversation. "We gave up battles for a while, we did not have enough players and coins to play friendlies, not even tournaments."

    See what you yourself said "not even tournaments". So, will I make an invitation to a team that does not have players and coins?

  • If we left battles for a while that doesen't mean we can't come back.
    If we don't have much coins that doesen't mean we can't enter a league or play a battle. You can finish a battle and with 100 coins, you can use's not your business how we wil play.
    We didn't got a invite for the tournament and we didn't knew about the tournament and that's FACT. End of story. No word of a ConfederationsCup.
    Best regards.

  • If you want to be invited, don't say that you are not able to play in future tournaments. Simple as that. Don't cry without reasons for that... That's like in the real life, you say that you are not able to meet a person for this and for the next meetings, then are you expecting to be invited for the next meeting?! 🤦

  • @Angel-Sanctis Relax kid. You speak with the WORLD CHAMPION.
    I totally understand your frustration, I kick your ass every time I meet you.
    I see you follow my work and my posts. Noone mentioned you, you joined the discussion yourself, that was just a simple chat between me ReisJr18.
    Just keep going following me, I know I'm your idol. 😘

    @manager00092 Who is crying? 😂 I don't give a fuck about this competition. Was just wondering about the organization. No world-champion, no vice-champion, no 4th placed team etc. but your tournament your rules. Enyoy it.
    I see you playing some SUB competitions for kids. When you start playing real battles let me know. I'm still playing battles and it will stay so 4ever, so keep calm...

    Jelaous kids.

  • @menagerbl KKKKK... I never saw him again, for your luck. The last time I saw you, you were crying your shameful elimination. The crying continues, just the reason has changed 🤣 !

    And when did you kick my ass? 🤣 When did you win from me 🤣 ? When did you eliminate me in anything 🤣 ?.... who waited for the battle for battle, hoping that my group was eliminated to celebrate KKKKK ... since it had no competence to overcome me, nor humility to accept defeat. Your cry is known in the OSM, conquer what to conquer, you are a weak, without respect for others and for yourself 👎 .

    Every publication of you, I smile ironically, and please give me more joys like this KKKKKKKK :

  • @menagerbl Good afternoon, I would not answer to such a subject even because I did not see necessity, considering that the same one who presents himself arguing and creating confusion, answered one of our organizers that there were no coins. But I would not let disrespecting coaches of our community (even if it was another, even because respect is good and we all like, or not?).
    So, fellow colleague WORLD CHAMPION, I believe that you are the unbeatable of the osm by the way you presented yourself, and I think you should have started from the top, after all you despised the sub teams (coaches capable without doubts of beating head-on with to main selections if necessary).
    Low on your part came to create conflicts here, but I didn't expect less, considering the fame you already have.
    I ask that before speaking words that disrespect coaches, think if you would like them to speak the same if it were for you. I hope this discussion ends here! Any questions or complaints, you can call me in the forum chat. I will be available to clarify and listen. But use good education. Thanks, hugs.