No points received when inviting my gf through referer

  • Dutch Users


    I invited my gf through the referer and she used the link in her e-mail to sign-up. I did not receive any coins from it. It might be because we are living in the same house and therefore have the same IP address? Other thing is that I am playing on the Dutch environment, and she got an invite for the English? She switched to Dutch on the signup page, did it lose the referer after she did that?

  • English Moderator


    If you didn't receive coins it could be due to one of the following reasons:

    • New user has to sign up via invitation link and on same session (if user installs app, closes it and later open it an sign up, it won't work, he needs to click link again and only after create the account)

    • Invited user has to create a new account and not joining league with an existing one

    • There's a maximum of 10 rewards, so all invites sent after that won't give any reward

    • New user must create his/her account on the same OSM version as the inviter (i.e. World for World, Dutch for Dutch versions)