I have a cheater in my competition.. what can I do? Can I kick them out?

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    Fc Groningen buys a player from Ajax for extreme cheap money and Ajax buys players from fc groningen for a very high price.
    they also at the same time online!

  • @Marc.vn.Gaal_NL

    Hello mate & welcome to the English forums. ☺

    About your questions:

    1. We do not need these details posted in here.
      It is not polite to discuss and accuse other managers via a public forum.
      I hope you can understand and respect that.

    2. Nope, you are in no position to kick any manager out of your league...Unless you are the one that created the certain league, meaning you are the league's moderator , but again you can only kick out a manager for being inactive for over 3 days ( with no loggins for more than 3 rounds )

    3. You can always report the manager that you suspect of playing unfair in any of your leagues by following these simple steps: Go to the profile page of the manager you wish to report and you will find there, on the up right corner, the cheat report button. Like it is shown on this screen shot : http://prnt.sc/dea9ty
      alt text
      Click on it and follow the instructions, provide evidents and detailed explanation for your report.

    4. Please await for your confirmation email and let the Staff Support do their job after that.

    That's all my friend . Thank you for your post and for your understanding. :handshake_tone2: