No reward points received after completing a purchase through TapJoy

  • Dutch Users


    I completed a purchase through TapJoy but never received the reward points. I opened a ticket through the app and received an email with instructions to send an invoice of the purchase.

    I did this and saw that my reward was pending. This happened on April 14th. I have sent several emails requesting an update on my ticket but no answer came from TapJoy. If I check the OSM app, I dont see my reward pending any more, it is just gone. I did not receive any reward points and I did not receive any response from TapJoy what so ever.

    Could you please check out what is wrong? I find it rather disappointing that there is absolutely no response from TapJoy.

    Tapjoy Request [Case 12080700]- Schaf je eerste eBook aan. Kies uit: ref:_00D30pf03._5001B16O8bz:ref

    Kind regards
    Philippos Kloukas