• Turkish Users

    I had reported a player who insulted me via pm and got a feedback that the player has already a punishment, however, he still keeps playing with no ban or something as it should not have considering what it was like in past. Moreover, he insulted again (this time in english, the first one was turkish, I assume he thought that I did not understand lol) after I have beaten him in the league and despite my second report, no actions taken again.

    Insulting was used to be a reason for ban in past, is not it still? Or is the reason he is not getting any punishment that I reported it by selecting "Multiple accounts" as report reason since there is no "Other" option anymore as it used to be?

  • @al-bice Hello Al Bice 🙂

    About what it is allowed or not on Osm , here you go : https://en.onlinesoccermanager.com/Terms

    As for your matter, first of all remember that evidence is a must at any situation we need to report. Either it is a bug, or a possible multi- accounter or a abusive manager.
    So please make sure you'll have screen shots taken of the insulting messages and use them to send an email explaining your problem to the English or Turkish Support Teams.

    Please forget about cheat reports ( if this manager is at least playing fair & square with his legal account )