Transparency of Cheater Reports

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    I was infuriated when I lodged a cheater report for multi account but the cheaters were vindicated. They even have the same names and entered my league at the same time. Alright, perhaps I was wrong.

    But the reply DID NOT even state the reason for vindicating the suspects. Nor did it rebut any of my supporting arguments. Could they be more open and transparent? I'm not asking for discussions, although this may help, but at least reasons for vindicating. I lodged two reports in the same season, convinced that both times the suspects are guilty, but both times suspects were vindicated. I've been spending coins on opening leagues but cheaters kept coming in to ruin the game. I'm just asking for an explanation and no further.

    Please review this with care and thanks for your help in advance.

  • @gabriel-alberto-king Hi, welcome.
    Unfortunately this will not be discussed at all through our forums, the only way to go is send a email to support email: