Captain problem

  • As of what I know, Captain should be the player who is at least 30+ in age and is one of the best players of team.
    So, I capped Filipe Luis who is 32 years old and is 112 rated in my team. But at the end of the game, commentator said that choosing Luis as captain was a wrong choice. I don't get it though, why Luis wasn't the best option?

    alt text
    alt text

    Also two things I want to mention,

    • I bought Luis before match day and this was his first game in my team. And this was 31st game of the league.
    • The other captaincy options include Mascherano (105 rated, 33 years old, has been my captain since almost start of season) and Alba (101 rated, 29 years old)... All other players are younger than 29 including GK

    Edit: I tried adding images in post but IDK why they aren't showing for me... Anyway, these are the links to the necessary images I wanted to show,

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    This is just the opinion of the analyst, you're the manager of your team and you know your team the most so I'll advise you do what you think is best for your team including the decision as to who captains your team.
    Good luck!

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