Coutinho was sold from Barcelona to Juventus

  • Portuguese Users


    I´am Barcelona´s Manager on the Champions League A League,

    Another manager just bought Coutinho from Scout.

    It appears from Barcelona to Juventus,

    He was not on my team from the begining.

    Bug ?

    Please see this, i dont have the player neither the money he paid for him , at least give the transfer money to the team.

  • English Moderator


    This is indeed a bug but not exactly what you're reporting. You probably must have sold Coutinho in a previous round.
    Later on, Juventus manager got same player on scout, and this is where the bug lies... Player when returns to league, should show that he comes from the club you previously sold him to and not from Bercelona.... (another bug here is that initial deal is no longer shown on transfers).

    Gamebasics are aware of this and are working to fix it.