No i didnt sold Coutinho on a previous round

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    No i didnt sold Coutinho on a previous round

    since i was just 2 or 3 hours in the season, day 1 ( besides it would be stupid to sell one of the best players )

    whatever , thanks for the answer anyway , its easier to say its a bug ,

    Keep up the good work,

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    Coutinho was bought from Liverpool by Barcelona on a January transfer after he already played like 5 games for Liverpool in the UEFA Champions league so he was ineligible to play for Barcelona in this year's Champions League (reason why he isn't included in Barcelona's "European Champions A" Squad on OSM.

    But he is currently a Barcelona player so when he is scouted or bought from the transfer list on OSM it will show that he came from Barcelona since this is his current club at the moment.

    But still you can't get the money for this transfer (it's weird though but the Barcelona in this case isn't your Barcelona) but that of the transfer list (game engine).