3rd and 4th slots unaccessable despite already managing clubs there

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    I wanted to check into my 3rd slot Ligue 1, but whenever I click on it, it says that I have to gain more experience. Same with my 4th slot MLS. When I did the training this morning, it functioned normally, but now, about 10 hours later, only the first two slots are accessable.
    My account is about 10 days old, so probably something got resetted with which leagues I already had or now. But idk, that's just my suspicion. I also tried it through the slots shown in my profile, but to no avail - it gets redirected to the "something went wrong" site.
    Another thing that happened while logging in right before that was that I had to reagree with terms of conditions and the adverb policy. I only had to log in because I somehow got auto-logged out before.
    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Fill in the bug template that can be found here

  • Hello,
    This issue has been fixed just now. Please try logging in to your clubslot again. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

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