• why does my games keep on getting delayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

  • @norton-gurr said in DUFF:

    why does my games keep on getting delayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

    Been like waiting over an h0ur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @norton-gurr Hello Norton & welcome to the new forums. ☺

    I can see that you were upset about the delaying of the simulation times and here's your answer, general things you should know from now on .

    First you should know that it is advised to never leave your match settings for the last minutes before the simulation time, the one that you view on your match calendar. It is best to be set and ready to go at least an hour before the arranged time.
    If you insist on setting your line ups and tactics at the last minute then it will be your choice to possibly risk losing a match at some point.

    Why we cannot guarantee the exact simulation kick off?

    Well either because of urgent works from the game developers on the site ( due to bugs messing up our game ) or even because there are far too many managers trying to set their tactics and formations at the last minute while at the same time there are loads of new leagues created from users.

    So from my personal experience it is best to avoid the rush hour - meaning very close to sim time - to set your strategic plans for your upcoming matches. And yes , the simulation times can never be 100% accurate.

    Thank you for your understanding Norton & best of luck with your game. :handshake_tone2: