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    Hello mates,
    My names Manny, and for the longest time I've been captivated by the art of tactics. From Jose Mourinho's defensive style, Pep Guardiola's fast wing playing football. It's clear that there are many ways to win, but does it work for every club? In this blog, I'll explore different tactics and formations, and how they impact certain players. If you've been playing the game for some while, I'm sure you've seen the message from the post-match commentator, "Lukaku (or really any other player that you can think up) looked good in wing play (or any other style available.)" But what happens if I take the player out of the style their used too? Will they perform as well? I'll answer some of those questions on the blog. Lastly, I'll try some real-world tactics on different clubs to see if they'll work. As my good friend @Hans-Orf said, "Would Arsenals 4 1 4 1 be as ineffective in the game as against AC Milan."
    The real goal is to give you quality tactical advice, to see you, the reader, succeed.
    Come follow me on this journey I have across OSM.

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  • 442B and Wing Attack

    June 3rd 2018
    Club- Portland Timbers

    I just took over the Portland Timbers a few days ago, and in the past hour, we played the 1st matchday of 47.
    Here’s what my lineup and tactics looked like going into the match against a strengthened Philadelphia Union squad.


    Here were the transfers I brought in:
    At Forward- A 78 rated Rafa Silva from Benfica
    At Midfield- A 76 rated Eysseric from Fiorentina
    At Defense- A 75 rated Lucas Marques from Vitoria

    Why wing attack?
    You may have noticed that I chose to do wing attack in a 442B. Why though? 442B tends to be a sort of narrow formation, using wing attack I can gain depth. Does 442B with wing play work for you? Please let me know!

    Opponent’s Strategies
    After the game, it came to my attention that my opponent, also used 442B, but I don’t think he used wing play.

    A convincing 2-1 win over Philadelphia Union! I’m proud to say that we dominated the game with 62% possession, and 12 shots.


    How’d my transfers do
    Though none of my transfers got a goal or an assist, Eysseric got an 8 rating, tied with the MOTM Blanco. Rafa Silva and Lucas Marques both got a 7.

    How’d you guys do this matchday?

  • @manchester-munch

    My matches panned out with two wins and a loss. In one of the wins, I did use wing play but the more conventional 4 4 2 A with attacking fullbacks, Vrsaljko and Guerreiro.

    As you previously mentioned 4 4 2 B is narrow so I tend to use a passing game with this formation but am willing to try out your suggestion.

    I played for possession despite usually going for quick passing so I could counter their weaker midfield. Therefore I thought spreading their wings wider and keeping hold of the ball would be a good approach.

    It seemed to work with us gaining 62% of the possession and beating Chelsea 2-0, to stay within one point of the top team.

    Vrsaljko scored one of the goals and was man-of-the-match with a 9.0 rating alongside my stalwart midfield center (MC) Keith. However, for this match and beyond I purchased James Rodríguez (rated 93) from Bayern as a replacement for suspended William Carvalho (r.89) and he only notched up a 7.0 rating. Maybe Rodríguez as a natural AMC is too attacking minded for an MC alongside box-to-box Keita.

    My other goal came from a center back (CB) Tah, and Williams my top stats striker underperformed upfront again. This team has a solid defense, score sgoals from all over the pitch but as yet to find a high scoring frontline combo.

    0_1528125269056_Screenshot-2018-6-4 Home - OSM(1).png

  • @hans-orf post a picture of your lineup against chealsea i would lote to see it.bye bye

  • @marjan2241

    Some of those players are in training now. However here is a screenshot of the team roster from which you can work out positions.

    0_1528128427039_Screenshot-2018-6-4 Home - OSM(3).png

    0_1528128441542_Screenshot-2018-6-4 Home - OSM(2).png

    Do you use wing-play with 4 4 2 A or another formation?
    Why and how did your teams get on with it?

  • What is your plan with this thread? Post tactics, opponents tactics, and results?

  • @hans-orf you should try 433a wing play defender stay mid oush forward attacker attack,zonal no offside agressive depend on the refferee 79/79/79.let me know the result.

  • @marjan2241

    This seems interesting however what is your thinking with staying deep and pushing forward? Does this not create too much of a gap between you midfield and defence?

  • @hans-orf yes it does leave a gap but also you can score a lot of goals.if you are better team try if not leave midfield on the spot rest as i write.

  • @marjan2241 give us more info at 433a what midd players should be?

    Left one AMC/MC/DMC/LMC
    Middle one AMC/MC/DMC
    Right one AMC/MC/DMC/RMC

    Playing false 9 or FC/ST

    What should be opposite tactics?

  • @marjan2241

    If I am a better team then I tend to use the formation I have built my squad for, unless I need a plan B against a formation I am unfamiliar with.

    I will try it out if one of my newer teams becomes 4 3 3 focused.

  • Here I will add my yesterday Experience with 442B
    First match was Manchester City 3 - 1 Leicester City
    Man City in position 3 and Leicester in position 10
    alt text
    Same tactic was playing also Leicester city 442B, Aggressive and Wings.
    Game started and we scored 1-0 min 20’ and they equalizer at min 41’ 1-1. On the beginning of 2nd-half they DMC got red card and the rest is 3-1 for Man City
    alt text
    The red card changed everything so I have to test again 442B. My team is much better than opponent team.

  • 2nd match was:
    Man City 0 – 3 Chelsea
    City was playing 3-3-2-2 vs Chelsea 4-4-2B
    The game was away against very strong opponent our C part of mid was very strong so attacking him on wings was the killing point cuz all wing players have high rates on the game.
    alt text

    alt text

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