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    I paid 32 boss coins for players (scout) who I set their age to be under 25, but all I got was players over 30! I expect to get a refund to be honest!

  • Its because all players are used in your league... and there is no player left with infos you have chosen.

    So scout brings with changed informations

  • And boss coins cant be returned. Sorry

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    When you send your scout to bring players with certain criteria and the scout don't find any more players available matching that criteria he brings the closest players he can find since the scout is designed to always bring players instead of coming empty handed.

    Adjusting your search criteria like widening the search range could help the scout bring even more closer players matching your criteria.

    And Sorry, what refund are you talking about? OSM has nothing to refund here, since you only send your scout with club funds. If the scout returns with players you don't want you can chose not to buy them. But if you do chose to buy them then you have to pay the 15 coins for that.

    If you also used boss coins to complete the scouting fee or speed up the timer for the scout It was your choice to do so. It's equally not OSM's responsibility.