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    i feel bad, cuz this seems true.
    442toons seems an amazing idea but very ill shaped teams.
    ex: english teams are competitive but highly lack the level of European Giants.
    But it seems chelsea, man c n some are just owerpowered. They don't have a calibre,as you have given. eden and blah blah are shown legends. while they can't actually do anything.
    The simulation supports emm players, while you give emm such high ratings, at such low ages.
    i feel madrid n arsenal..n some teams are mocked so much. while their counter parts are respected. Unfair.
    'CR will push you' 'arrogantanaldo'....wheelchair...blah blah...dont even get me started here.
    didn't expect it from someone not even giving a penny to the best players while having us as their product. i feel it's shamefull,and if you can't see the difference, you don't deserve to make the teams.
    why are some great players made fun off,

    The Intensity is your manipulation?

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    @rellitaux Joke : make jokes; talk humorously or flippantly.
    442oons is a youtuber who make animated football videos and all footballers/managers/teams renamed to something funny.
    and the point of having such high ratings it's to balance out teams because their is no transfer in that league.
    and how is it favouritism,when all players are ''made fun off'' like you said and not only Ronaldo ?
    i think you should search what favouritism mean. (And manipulation ,unfair too)
    we can't make jokes if he is a great players (or your favorite footballer) ?
    Even Thomas muller laughed and shared 44oons videos when his name is thomass muller ☺