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  • Hello mates,

    My name is Noah Vieira and I'm a passionate fooball fan. I watch every major league in Europe and, besides watching, I often like to comment and share my opinion with others. Therefore, I've decided to look beyond my OSM Managerial Career and share a little of my knowledge and opinion in a kind of Opinion Column/Rubric in this topic.

    There will be no precise dates to publish, but I'll always try to be in touch with the actuality. So feel free to join me by commenting my opinion and giving yours aswell, if you feel confortable enough talking about the discussed topics.

  • The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

    Today I’ve read an article of the portuguese newspaper ‘O JOGO’, written by Álvaro Magalhães - who was a former Benfica player and is the current manager of a portuguese 2nd league Gil Vicente – and he wrote a rather interesting article about how fans feel when the rival of their team is playing an international competition. He explains that when Sevilla took Benfica in the 2014 Europa League Final, Porto fans were cheering for Sevilla. Same way as when Benfica took Celtic in the 2012 Champions League Group Stage, Rangers fans were cheering for Benfica.

    This means that, for example, if you’re an Arsenal fan, you want Tottenham to lose in european tournaments. Same goes for any fan that wants their team’s rival to lose, when playing in european stages. And Álvaro defends that, if this doesn’t happen, you’re not really a supporter of your club. So, basically, if you’re not anti-Tottenham, you’re not a real Arsenal fan.

    My question is: is football about supporting your own team in national and european tournaments, or supporting the teams that play against your team’s rival? I mean, I do understand that you want your rival to lose points for championship, because it may affect your position in the league, but when it comes to international or european stage, do you really care that much that your team’s rival loses?

    I’m not defending that argument that if you don’t support the teams from your country in international/european stages you’re not faithful to your country. Specially because I don’t think that patriotism has nothing to do with football. What I think is that ‘antitism’ (being anti-something) is one of the biggest flaws in football. In my opinion, if you hate a rival as much as you love your own club, you’re NOT a football fan, and you don’t enjoy football. You enjoy conflict. And when someone tells me that, for exemple, if I support Real Madrid then I have to hate Barcelona, I feel sick because that’s the most disturbing, shameful, poorly substantiated, stupid and annoying argument related to fooball that I’ve heard in my entire life.

    Although, some people still defend this argumente, and feel the as way Álvaro does: “If it wasn’t like this, fans wouldn’t be fans, and football wouldn’t be football”.

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  • @Noah-Vieira

    First of all, a big shout out to SpecialOne for making this the first topic in the Blog section. Also thank you to all those who supported this idea, right after the first publishing. Thank you very much.

    The Good, the Bad, and the Not So Bad

    One of the most interesting things in football is to see underdog clubs rising towards the limelight. We’ve had a great exemple in the 2015/2016 Premier League Season, Leicester City: the perfect fairy tale of football, teamwork power, and how the combination of will, hard work and belief can be stronger than money.

    But what goes up, must come down… or rather, in football, if some clubs go up, some others might come down. Take, for exemple, AC Milan and Internazionale. Two great teams, with a lot of Champions League titles, home titles, and the label of ‘Big European Clubs’. Where are they now? Well, we all know where they are – or where they’re not – but we must ask ourselves how come two great teams like these can’t even reach the Europa League qualification. And the reason for that is simple: the interest for money took over the interest for glory. And who should we point our finger to? To the players that forgot what loving your shirt means, the fans that let all this happen, and specially the board, that cared about income rather than any other thing.

    Although, there is escape from this, and Liverpool and PSV have proven that. It all started where it had to start: the fans, that demanded more than they were given by Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalgish and Brendan Rodgers; then, the board, that realized they had to do something otherwise they would be in serious trouble, and therefore started changing some stuff around, starting with the signing of Jürgen Klopp (also demanded by the fans); and finally the players, that with a great help of the manager, started noticing how big the weight of wearing a Liverpool shirt was. And same goes with PSV, where the fans were having enough with Ajax winning every year, and that resulted in the board getting Phillip Cocu to sign and changing the mindset of the players, giving home titles and Champions League loud appearances.

    This makes us think about Manchester United. Are they still Good? Are they already Bad? Or is the salvation process already starting, and they're Not So Bad at all? Only time... and the fans... will tell.

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  • @Noah-Vieira Hello Noah, nice to meet you and read you jejejeje pardon my english, i am from Venezuela, a country that is now recognized all over the world for very bad things (of couerse, that's not the issue here). Well, about your thinking about fans supporting clubs who face their rivals in international contest, i am going to differ, first of all, i am like you, i follow every football league in america and europe, even i follow leagues from Korea, Japan, Australia and China; i love my teams and of course i hate my team's enemies, i don't like them to win anything unless that help my team, get the idea? Here at Venezuela, most of fans like Baseball, i am fan of LEONES DEL CARACAS , our rivals are NAVEGANTES DEL MAGALLANES, when they go to a international competition i enjoy their defeats, i tell you this because you can say back that i have not examples from my own country. In football, is the same story, i love REAL MADRID therefore i enjoy BARCELONA and ATLETICO MADRID defeats, more BARCELONA'S jejejejejeje (in fact ATLETICO doesn't count as an important rival 😞 ) I think you could go either way: hate your rivals or supporting them in international competitions, that's the opinion of a radical fan 😉

  • @Noah-Vieira This brings me good memories, MANCHESTER UNITED is one of the greatest club in the world, who is responsible for that?? I have to say ALEX FERGUSON, it's so difficult top his achievements, pity for MOYES, VAN GAAL and now MOURINHO, it's impossible replace fergie, unlike those other clubs PSV, MILAN and INTER, MANCHESTER UNITED has the power, economically speaking, to continue reigning in england and europe, i don't know what is happening this year, with MOURINHO look like they were going to fight for the big titles, VAN GAAL and MOYES were horrible, especially VAN GAAL it was embarrassing watching those teams, this year was going to be different but they still can't find thier rythm, sooner or later they will find it and hopefully will back to top their league, for the good of football and UNITED fans 😉

  • Liverpool did nearly win the title a few seasons back, but I get your point.

    Moreover, it's not just complacency that can fell big clubs. There have been some memorable downfalls over the years.

    Rangers. Leeds United. Padova. Catania. Parma. Portsmouth. Fiorentina. Blackpool. Blackburn. Livorno. All these were in the top tier of their football league when disaster struck.

    Rangers went bankrupt of course. Leeds went from Champions League to Championship in an instant, selling Robbie Keane, Jonathan Woodgate and Rio Ferdinand to stay stable. Even then, they went in six years from CL semis to League 1. Padova and Catania are two of Italy's largest cities, yet their teams have sunk like stones in recently years. Parma's fall has just been a nightmare.

    Portsmouth went bust, Fiorentina too. Blackpool has suffered from terrible ownership to go from Premier League to England's fourth tier in a such a short space of time. Blackburn were relegated from the Premier League 15 years after winning it. Like Blackpool they've suffered from bad ownership. Livorno are now in Italy's third tier. And even Juventus themselves were relegated in 2005, with Alessandro Del Piero and a young Gigi Buffon in tow. Even my club York City. They beat Man Utd at Old Trafford in 1996, but 20 years have passed and they'll now be lucky to avoid England's 6th tier.

    But some of these clubs seem to have something else in common too. They've recovered. Juventus are world-beaters once more, and both Rangers and Fiorentina went all the way back from the fourth to the first tiers in the blink of an eye. Heck, even Leeds are looking OK for promotion back to the Premier League this year as they're in the play-off places ATM. Who knows? Maybe we'll see a Leeds vs Milan Champions League Final after all. If Leicester can do it, then there's hope for everyone. Perhaps even York City, though that is a bit of a stretch.

  • @Stevie-McSteveSteve Juventus' relegation actually helped them in the long term. It meant that Marchisio got into the first team...

  • My city had a club in Spanish first division in the early 90's, but since 2000 it had serious economic problems and ended up disapperaing in 2009, when another club was created in the third division. Last season we reached play-offs' second round (out of three, we were close to get promoted), but this year we have begun very bad and atm we're only 2 points above 4th tier. I hope someday I'll can see my team playing against Real Madrid and Barcelona

  • @Noah-Vieira

    Thoughs on the Round Of 16 (Before The Draw)

    Qualified as group winners: Arsenal, Napoli, Barcelona, Atlético, Monaco, Borussia Dortmund, Leicester City, Juventus;
    Qualified as group runners-up: PSG, Benfica, Manchester City, Bayern, Bayer Leverkusen, Real Madrid, Porto, Sevilla.


    These are the 16 teams that have passed the Champions League Group Stage, and will be now playing the first elimination stage. At this point, people are already speculating who will be eliminated first, who is going to reach the final, and who is going to win. In this article, I’m going to share my point of view at this stage, and what my thoughts are.

    Firt of all, I think that Arsenal and Leicester will be eliminated, because as usual, english teams pay more importance to the Premier League, specially now that Arsenal are near the 1st position and Leicester are struggling to get far away from the demotion zone. With that in mind, I can’t see neither of them winning against any of the runner-up teams.

    As to the rest of the group winners, It really depends on the draw:

    • Monaco and Napoli would lose against any team apart from probably Sevilla and Porto (Napoli would also win against Bayer Leverkusen).
    • Dortmund can’t draw with Real Madrid, so they would win against any team except for Manchester City and Bayern.

    This means that, in my opinion, the favourites from the winners group to go through are Barcelona, Atlético, Dortmund and Juventus. As to the group of runners-up, I consider that the teams that will go through are Manchester City, Bayern, Real Madrid and Benfica. And the reason why I think Benfica will go through instead of PSG is because Benfica are in way better form, so they have more chances to win against the team that they’ll draw.

    Then again, the draws can decide alone who will go through and who won’t, so I’ll be sure to talk about this matter again on Monday 12 December, date of the round of 16 draws announcement. For now, these are my predictions, but be sure to leave yours.

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  • @Noah-Vieira Yeah Noah, better discuss this on Monday after the Draw, only thing i have to say is REAL MADRID is not angry for the result yesterday, i hope they won't be drawn against JUVENTUS... God has strange ways to appear 😞 I mean I really really believe that JUVE and MADRID will face each other in Round of 16

  • @Noah-Vieira

    Behind Every Great Team, There's a Great Fan Base

    Today I've read, in the portuguese online newspaper 'A Bola', that FIFA revealed the nominees for the 2016 Fan Award: the fans of ADO Den Haag, Liverpool, Dortmund and Iceland National Football Team. Funny enough, in one of my previous articles I've talked about the importance of fans and I mentioned Liverpool. But it got me thinking, how important is the atmosphere that the fans create in their stadium? That's why I created this article, in hope to maybe debate this matter.

    ADO Den Haag were, in my opinion, nominated because of the amazing moment when they threw teddy bears and such to the Feyenoord's kid fans. Liverpool and Dortmund because of that game at Anfield that ended with a 4-3 win for Liverpool, along with all the great chants and support that they give to their respective teams in other matches. And Iceland National Football Team's fans were obviously nominated because of their amazing synchronized Viking chant, that marked the Euro 2016, and the fact that they brought nearly 10% of their population to France!

    All of these amazing proves of love and support by the fans have a great impact in the team and the players, and that's a big reason why some of these teams are playing proper football, and I just can't stop mentioning how this is so important for the team's performance. Actually, I'll go even further, the fans were the reason why Iceland National Team did so well on the competition, if it weren't for the fans they wouldn't be as good as they were in Euro 2016. They made the players feel like warriors fighting for their country, and that's exactly what we need to see in football: men fighting men, with blood, sweat and tears. Not freaking millionares trying to earn more fame and money.

    Anyway, as you may have noticed, my vote goes for Iceland Nation Football Team and their great Viking chant.

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  • @Noah-Vieira Iceland the team that beat England. David beats Goliath. 😄

  • English Moderator

    @King-Noel I wouldn't exactly call England Goliath 😛 More of David beat David 😛 Hahah

    But to be faire Iceland did fantastically at the Euros and their fans were great! Much like the two sets of Irish fans who were also great by the way 😉

  • @ruby2003 True, Calling England Goliath is an insult to Goliath. haha

  • @Noah-Vieira said in Noah Vieira's Articles:

    Hello mates,

    My name is Noah Vieira and I'm a passionate fooball fan. I watch every major league in Europe and, besides watching, I often like to comment and share my opinion with others. Therefore, I've decided to look beyond my OSM Managerial Career and share a little of my knowledge and opinion in a kind of Opinion Column/Rubric in this topic.

    There will be no precise dates to publish, but I'll always try to be in touch with the actuality. So feel free to join me by commenting my opinion and giving yours aswell, if you feel confortable enough talking about the discussed topics.

  • @Noah-Vieira

    First of all, sorry for taking so long to publish an article again, I've been very busy, but it's reasons like these why I chose not to have any dates to publish. Either way, sorry.

    Thoughs on the Round of 16 (After The Draw)

    So, you probably already know who is going to face who, and you can straight ahead see that the draw changes some stuff. Going back to what the "Thoughs on the Round Of 16 (Before The Draw)", I said that Barcelona, Atlético, Dortmund, Juventus, Manchester City, Bayern, Real Madrid and Benfica would be the teams going through.

    Even though the draw forces me to change my thoughs, I still think this will happen:
    Barcelona will beat PSG, Atletico will beat Leverkusen, Juventus will beat Porto, City will beat Monaco, Bayern will beat Arsenal and Real Madrid will beat Napoli. So far so great, and even though I didn't know the draws, my expectations may actually become true, but the problem is that two of the teams I said will go through, are actually going to play one against other: Dortmund vs Benfica. People that only play FIFA and don't watch football will say that Dortmund will win easily, but do not be mistaken; Benfica is playing really well and Dortmund is not, and don't forget that Benfica is a great team and did pretty well against Bayern Munchen last year, even though they lost. So, in my honest opinion, due to the form factor, Benfica will win against Dortmund and join the other 6 teams I mentioned.

    That makes 7 and leads us to the Leicester vs Sevilla match. It's hard to say, but Leicester are losing and the Champions League Fairy Tail is ending. That's because Sevilla are playing proper football both in domestic league and international stage, so this might be a easy one for them.

    Once again, these are my predictions, you can discuss them and maybe leave yours.

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  • @Noah-Vieira Hello Noah, i'll wait until late january to make my predictions, many things can change from now to then, everything can happen, only teams i see for aaaalmost sure is JUVENTUS and BARCELONA will go through quarterfinals¡¡¡¡

  • @garrincha78 Yeah United will be back again, with Mourinho i think we will win everything. But nobody can't replace Fergie

  • I love reading your blogs, please post something new 🙂 !