• Login: DragonPt5
    Account: Slot 2, Slot 3 and Slot 4
    League Number: I don´t know how to find it 😞
    Date & Time of the bug: since 6 of June of 2018
    Platform: Facebook
    Screenshots: https://prntscr.com/jtlzmw and https://prntscr.com/jtlzpd
    Bug step-by-step Description: I've been a playing osm since 2016, and I had stopped playing it (I already had every single slot avaible, 1,2,3 and 4), but when I returned I didn't have any and now even if I play for more then 5 days the second slot won´t open.
    Browser: Firefox

    P.S-. Sorry for my bad English.