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    Hi Guys, I think I'm affected from some kind of bug. I have a Salah that I have trained to 110, but he is BAD but really BAD. Not only he misses EVERY chance since June 2nd but he also misses PENALTIES. I was playing with my squad against a bot-guided Verona, I have almost every player at 100 and he missed a Penalty (not the first time!). He'is at full shape but misses everything, I think he's somehow bugged. Can you help me out please?

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    Some players just do not suit certain teams or formations and we have to accept it.

    Richarlison is one of my best strikers in EPL, but had to sell him in Ligue 1.

    Likewise, Vydra was my highest English second division scorer for 2/3rds of the season and did not gel with my new players, so had to sell him too.

    Also, high stats do not always mean best players. I have found Walker )High stat fullback) to underperform in my teams.

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    Because of your reasons above doesn't mean a player is bugged and also because you have players rated 100+ and above isn't a guarantee that you are going to win all your games, just as in real life even the biggest teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, etc... Also lose games to smaller teams sometimes. It all depends on many factors like; tactics, formation, squad value, home advantage, etc...

    As a manager, you have to figure out how to make these things work for you.
    Good luck buddy!