• Can someone explain me if the possession matters. For example can I put messi striker? Will this influence his overall? Does the right or left foot matters?

  • @bill-solo

    I do tend to follow natural and secondary positions but with some flexibility. It can be down to a good combo also.

    i.e. from tonight's game my young high scoring striker, I paired up with a new attacker. The young guy did poorly whereas the new guy played a blinder scoring 4.

    Also thought Bale would work in a 3 upfront but so far works better as a secondary striker.

  • English Moderator


    • In OSM only the player position matters (i.e. Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder and Attacker).

    • Players perform better when they are played in their original position than when they are played out of position; attacker in attack, midfielder in midfield and so on.

    • Again, only the rating matters, whether the player is a left or right footer makes no difference.

    • The decision as to where to put your players is entirely yours to make as the manager, you know your team the most.