Not receiving video Boss Coins

  • Hello,

    I have just received an answer to a topic claiming "it is not our responsability" and the topic became closed.

    I don't say it is, but as a player and customer of yours I deserve to know from which company, email or whatever should I request responsability from and not just a "sorry" and close.


  • @sirpereirapt

    As I stated in chat mate, the video worked for me for boss coins. It seems very strange that OSM will not take responsibility for sth directly within their own platform. A video watched from the screen in the business club should be working at all times. Surely they should be checking for the functionality of such videos and if they are not effective then removing them. External sites I can understand, but this is just weird, unprofessional and not at all user-friendly.

  • Moderator NL


    There is a limit to the amount of Bosscoins you can get from watching the video's. After you've reached that limit you will no longer receive Bosscoins from it. There are two things you can do now:

    1. Click on any of the three gentleman in the Businessclub to see various offers from different companies. These include downloading a certain app or fill in a survey. In excange you will receive an x amount of Bosscoins.

    2. Buy Bosscoins directly from the OSM store by clicking on the Bosscoins icon.

  • Hello,

    What kind of limit is that and when that limit expires? Or how is it renewed?

    I've never seen such a thing.


  • English Moderator

    @sirpereirapt Each company has different limits as well as renewal period which user has to find out for themselves by checking available offers from time to time since this varies from country to country.

  • @King_Jamiu_10 I appreciate your replies and your wish to help, but I suspect we are missing the problem here.

    I am able to click and view the video ads indeed, however, after closing the ads window, the respective boss coin (1 per video) is not credited.

    This happens in some random frequency, as some times coins are correctly credited, others it is like i haven't seen anything and boss coins are not credited.

  • @king_jamiu_10 Sorry for the interruption, but I wanted to add. In my experience, when I have reached that limit, I was told that there were no more videos available, as the boss coin limit was reached. But if he could watch the video, he probably didn't reach the boss coin limit.

  • English Moderator

    There's a limit for the amount of rewards that can be achieved through these videos. Sometimes due to communication with servers, users may be 'allowed' to see extra videos where no more rewards can be given. so if you got rewards on previous videos, then you may have fallen in this situation.
    Some rewards may take up to 15 minutes to be delivered.... just wait a bit more.
    If you think that you're not on any of the above situations, please contact our support via mail >>

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