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    Okay, I have seen some thread in this forum about moral, but it seems like there is no explanation about "What does moral of a player effect player", I know that if player didn't get much match and the team keep losing, they will got low moral bar, but how does that moral affect them? Does his performance will drop significantly or it just show us that our player is not played enough? Thank you

  • @raynoldr

    Moral affects performance.

    Try not playing someone for a few games and you will see. I did this with one of my young strikers for 4 games in order to try out another front line comgo. His perfomance dropped from an average of 7.5 to 4 in the first game I put him back in.

    Likewise the more you lose the harder it is to gain that moral/performance back, a few wins and the moral improves in the game.

  • Hi @RaynoldR I will move this to the OSM: The game forum as I know other managers have different opinions on this.

    I usually don't take much notice of the morale, as I think it's always better to play my top players, but maybe that's just me 🙂

  • @RaynoldR It's really different, all managers interpret it differently. I don't pay much attention to it, but the game simulation does say it takes moral into account.