• It's ridiculous the way of the simulation! On my account on German league the games plays 1:30 earlier and I can't put the players that I want! I don't think this is right and I want this problem don't repeat on the future!

  • @Ruii52 Well hello to you too Rui Ferreira & welcome to the English forums. ☺

    Now my friend allow me to guide you into the OSM features. Please do me a favor and next time you loggin on your account go to >> Community >> click on Simulation time >> and tada !
    You will see with your own eyes this: http://prnt.sc/dfv4qb
    In other words you can check the progress of your own league's server at any time. 😉

    That page and screen shot also tells us that the OSM engine begins with the sims at 19.00 pm - Dutch time .
    Personally I just try to be set and ready to go around that sim time ( converted in my Greek time that is )

    Why we cannot guarantee the exact simulation kick off for you?

    Well either because of urgent works from the game developers on the site ( bugs messing up our game ) that can bring some delay or more often because there are far too many different servers and leagues , old and new ones created at any moment.

    So yeah, the simulation times can never be 100% precise.
    Just think of the thousands of different leagues and millions of managers trying to set their tactics and strategic plans , and in fact lots of them do it at the last minute. Big, huge mistake if you ask me. Please avoid rush hours, it is advised for all OSM managers.

    P.S. Rui I must say it mate. Bless your heart for making me laugh with your post. Why? Cause you used one of my fave and funniest words of the english vocabulary. The "ridiculous" one ! :rofl:
    Are you by any chance a Harry Poter's fan , like me? Just wondering...
    Here, take a look of what you made me think and laugh. So, cheers Rui ! 🍻

    Thank you for your post and I hope from now on you will only enjoy your gaming time. :thumbsup_tone2: