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    I have a team... NICE... there were 37. game..

    i have full stadion and almost full training centre..

    I played with the bordoux team who went to the training camp and he won... because my stadium level is 0...... and i was home.

    my team value is better than his.. much better..because of the game's mistake I lost the game and can not be a champion

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  • @pikásszó

    That is bad luck. But your training centre is level 0 = "empty".

    If Bordeaux outplayed you (formation and strategy) with training camp then that is the nature of the game.

    Us managers/players have to accept that just cause we have the best team on paper does not mean we can win.

    Look at IRL and what is happening in the World Cup, those are the breaks 😉

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    I do not always win, I was better in everything and i had 3 levels of stadium ... and it dissapeared.... why??

    this game is incredible.....and i lost this leage...

    my team value is 700 millio... and bordo 27 m....... it is a big diffrent.. and i were home...

    Answer me 1 question : why did all development levels become zero?

    easy question... 😄

  • @pikásszó

    The stadium question would be one for the developers and moderators to answer.

    That discrepancy with values would be something to question as well. However, it could be just possible. I have beat and drawn with teams with values 400 - 500M higher than mine.