Why should I continue playing this game?

  • English Users

    What motivates users out there to continue playing this game? Maybe a league with friends just for laughs?
    I'm asking because I can't find a motivation in it anymore after just 2 seasons. Even those 2 seasons proved to be more of a nuisance than fun. I got teams from 30-50 mil to 500 mil worth just to get a draw with the last team in the league and lose the title in the last games of the season, while other teams win their games defying logic. Just in my last game a team worth 100 mil vs my 500 mil got 15!! - 6 shots using same line-up as mine with players 10-20 lvls lower on each position. Hell of a random factor. I close my eyes each game as there is no guarantee of a win even against computer teams. If this is what you call "random" you can have it OSM. Maybe others out there get other kicks out of it. If so please share them with me so maybe I can still get some fun out of this game.