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  • Se pot posta si competitii la nivel de echipaje sau doar individuale ?

    P.s: topic binevenit oricum. ✌

  • Wcc 18/19 . Se fac inscrieri pe forumul polonez.
    Competitie pentru echipaje. 🙂

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    WCC 2018/2019

    @leandro-cabo-frio said in WCC 2018/2019:

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    Topic authorized by the CM. @Dovco_HandF English Only!

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    For you who do not know, the WCC came when the CCL was paralyzed by GB and crews were orphaned in a tournament world crews. WCC is an unofficial tournament. Therefore, it is organized by common managers.

    The current champions are the crew:

    2016/17 - FURIA
    2017/18 - RO MANIA (the banner will be delivered soon!)

    ▶ Above this and as usual in all crew battles, the rules that are in force: first of all the OSM Rules (with the exception explained on Battlepedia) and for scoring! (Link Battlepedia Rules)

    ▶ General Rules

    Friendly matches only among members of the same crew. In such cases, there is no penalty for players out of position. Friendly matches against the opponent cost - 100 points each.

    4 training camps and 6 secret training are allowed. Extra Training Camps (TC) cost -300 points each.

    Transfers between members of the same crew must follow the rules of Battlepedia.

    The purchase of players can be made after the first sales simulation! Transfers made before that cost - 50 points each.

    ▶ Registration Information:

    Period: 25/07/2018 at 10/08/2018

    a) The crew must have at least 10 months of creation until july 30th;
    b) The crew must have at least 5 managers with 500 games;
    d) The crew should have an interlocutor who can handle matters in English.

    Start Battles: 20/08/2018

    PS: Only after the registration period will we inform you how many groups we will have in this edition. For better planning and organization of the tournament, some crews may be excluded in order to balance the number of crews and groups.

    Crews created less time and with lower ranking will be chosen.

    => To register, use the following template:

    Name Crew: THE MANAGERS
    Date of creation: 05/17/2015
    5 Managers with more than 500 games and assets:
    Dili 7, Gabriela Leticia, Rui Ferreira76, jeannmaycon1989, Felipe B Freitas and more.

  • Hi everyone !
    Please find here some information about the CrewCup.

    • It's a Tournament where each crew sends 4 managers to represent them in the right Division.
    • Here is the standing of CrewCup #6:
      text alternatif
    • Here is the General Ranking of the 5 last seasons, following these coefficients:
      Champions League = 200%
      D2 = 150%
      D3 = 100%
      D4 = 80%
      text alternatif

    This format is very simple, regular & steady and has already proved itself since 66 seasons on the Dutch version.
    I really hope that the CrewCup will become one of the main high level competitions & reunite all the best crews in 2019 ! It would be awesome to see for example RO MANIA ( @leucostin ), KOKA Crew Romania ( @VlaD-I ), TITANS ( @philips170 ), RomanianLegends ( @Cristi-MCN ), Dracula RO Land ( @Luiza-Campioana ), RR Academy ( @scorzinho ), Black Wall RO ( @Blondu-C10 ), România 1918 ( @Dragos-Iulian-21 ) or other strong Romanian crews 😄
    The aim is to define the General Ranking of the best crews in osm according to their regularity 👍

    End of registrations before 13 January:

  • Pe Star Cup cate echipe românești s-au înscris?