• Hi.I want to bring Colyn,16 years old Canadian footballer in Vancouver Whitecaps with skills attack:55 and general 53.I searched him more than 5 times with scout according to his skills but still i couldn't get him.What should I do,I really want him.

  • Hi.Can someone help me,please?

  • Sorry, but you won't find him. OSM doesn't have Canadian league!

  • Seems my previous answer was not 100% accurate. We don't have in fact Canadian league on OSM, but Vancouver Whitecaps are indeed on OSM, but on USA league.

    So if you scout Colyn on Apps, by adding League and Nationality as filter, you can get him in 2/3 attempts for sure, on Web, you don't have nationality neither league, so you may need way more attempts to get him!