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  • Hello , Do strikers with high defence stat perform worse in a 442 than in a 433?

  • @wilson-arias-1 sry ☺ . I have a few more questions. When do i have to use the man on man markin? And when can i use the offside trap? Ah, and which tactic could i use to counter 4 4 2 B passing game

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    @daloporrazo man marking usually is using when you have a 6 defenders or when you have a better team , in some cases ( this is my personal opinion) I use the man marking when I put the midfielders returns to protect the defence because you will have a lot of player back and well having a defence clossing space is good

    Offside , when you play with 3 midfielders or when you play with your defenders full back or support the midfielders very up of the position like in the real life , and second when you have for example you imagine that you play at home with equals teams and he uses 4-3-3 A WP I will use the game + offside because we use the same tactic and alzó vs 4-3-3 PG I will use the tactic , I like a tip... That I use and I achieved good results

    Vrs 4-4-2 B PG you can use 4-2-3-1 S.O.S ofensive , 4-3-3 B WP zonal marking offside : yes , 4-5-1 S.O.S with midfielders protección the defence or 3-5-2 if you have a good midfield , the táctica of hans in this post are so good try it.

  • @wilson-arias-1 hello.can you write down the procentage that you use for 433 4231 and451if you are so kind.if you like you can write to me on osm chat.have a nice day

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    @marjan46 well I can give you a specific pocentages because that's no fun you need to explore the diferents tactic of it is the game about

    but i can help you. i have to say that this procentages depend of your team.

    for 4-3-3 I suggest pressure 65-79 , style 60-65 passes : 60-70

    4-2-3-1 I don't use a lot this tactic but pressure 72-79 style : 25-50 and passes : 75-79 working for me

    4-5-1 in this line up I have two ideas you can use tactics as pressure 65-70 style : 40-45 passes : 60-65 or you can use like this all procentages between 45-55 the second option is for weak teams but depend of your player what value work of the best way

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    Hello , Do strikers with high defence stat perform worse in a 442 than in a 433?

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    @emiprintulafemei well yes and no haha , when a forward striker has a good stats in defence like 30-40 is useful in line-up 4-3-3 because they are right or left forwards , with more defence the will have more abbility for playing in wings ,in 4-4-2 you only have 2 forwards in the center of the pitch in that case as in the real life eg. you put neymar in psg like a DC that doesn't work , when you play 4-4-2 you need a striker that score the goals with a shoot , when the midfielders make an accion like center to the area or even to make plays in the area... players with stats 20-25 work good but the better for me they are between 8-17 in defence ( in the case of 4-4-2) and 30-45 rights and lefts fordwars and as a DC 8-10 ( in the case of 4-3-3)

    all the things that I said , I can mention that depeding of the game style the player can play better or worse try to experiment for finding the tactic correct for your team 😉 that is an objective of this game.

    Example. of the game style It's that I'm playing a nostalgic league managing to Argentina and I have to forwards ( kempes , batigol) have the same stats but kempes with S.O.S doesn't do nothing , but when I play long ball he score goals , and batigol he likes to play 4-5-1 S.O.S or 4-4-2 for that I say depended of the stast and the game style for taking out the best qualities of your players.

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  • @wilson-arias-1 thank you. i will try later tonight

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    You put fwd an interesting theory regarding 4 3 3 v 4 4 2 and strikers. Totally agree with you in terms of wingers and def stats. Although there are exceptions as with full backs/ center backs there are guys with mid to late 20s def stats that equally work as higher positioned wingers eg Firmino.

    Likewise in theory the 4 4 2 system and 2 low stat def strikers works. However, I firmly believe it is combos that work and a high def stat striker with a low is good to break down strong defensive lines or those with many defenders. This combo works effectively like a 4 4 1 1 and has been highly effective for me in Turkey with Haller and Hulk as the CF and Bale or Richarlison as the shadow defensive striker.

  • I just started with man united , what is the best tactic for it ?
    my first game will be against man city

  • How do I counter a good midfield? He's playing as Juve and I'm using Lazio, I'm pretty decent on the attack and defense but his midfield is just too strong. He's also using 4-3-3 b wing play.

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    @thetwisteeer It's normal that teams with goal 1 have better midfield in that case you could try to gain the midfield , you'd can try to play 4-5-1 s.o.s with the midfielders protect the defence ( the rest of the porcentages i wrotte up in this same post) or if you are visitor you can play 5-4-1 s.o.s although you don't have a good midfielder if you have more player in that zone... you will able to gain more balls in the mid... and also with s.o.s you avoid the play on the wings

  • @wilson-arias-1 Thank you a lot mate, you really contribute a lot on this forum. I will check out your recent posts about percentages. And one more thing, do you think 6-3-1 B would counter it well or your formations are better options?

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    @thetwisteeer It can be 6-3-1 counterattack I play only the version A with porcentages 100 , 10 79 with forwards only attack and the rest of the position protect the defense and deep defence or 44-29-75 with all positions down ( fw return to the midfield , mf protect defence and deep defence) the formation 6-3-1 A/B is very defensive but i had good experiences vrs 4-3-3 A with value of 200 o more than my team away vrs TC :''3 good lock 😉 don't worry i like to help to everyone about how I understand the game and give to them my opinion.

  • I just started with man united , what is the best tactic for it ?
    my first game will be against man city

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    @abur3d you can play 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1 because the midfielders of man U has good stats although you can be more offensive a 4-2-2 A WP or 4-4-2 A/B PG is working good with the quality of your team

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    @fati̇h-sultan-mehmed-93 said in Help:

    how to do tactics according to the weak side of the rivalry please help

  • How should i counter someone with 4231 counter?
    My team is better than his, buy struggling in practicegames against him lately. Ive tried 433 and 442 but both didn't give me a very convincing win